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Lost Area
Fresh Act October 2012

All those great Hard Rock Bands from Switzerland should be well-known, but that there are also serious aspiring Electro-Rock Bands who are not that popular yet. Lost Area created a masterpiece with their debut album “Destroying Something Beautiful” (review here). The band made this record completely on their own and without support of a label. Also their videos are an eye-catcher. They have something to say, so it´s time to introduce this band to you.

Hey could you first of all introduce yourselves? Who are you and how did all begin with Lost Area?
Jan: Lost Area are VDiva, Jan Bertram, Chris Fox and Fabi.
Well, how everything began…2003 I was in the studio of a well-known musician and he sparked my interest. So I founded Lost Area in 2003 and we started. After a few Line-up changes and now a change of style as well, we found ourselves and it’s a lot of fun.

How would you describe the music you play?
VDiva: I’d say that it’s some kind of rock with electro influences. Or some kind of electro with rock influences. We don’t really try to stay within a genre or a scene, our goal is to make good music that we like and that represents what we are at the moment. The band started as an electro act, but during the years everything evolved, new members and new ideas changed our music radically, even if we kept the basic concept behind Lost Area, that is to make music with soul and emotion.

You just finished the work on your upcoming album, which you produced completely yourselves, is that right? Do you already have a title for the new CD and what can people expect from it?
VDiva: Our new album is called ‘Destroying Something Beautiful’ and as you said, it’s totally produced by ourselves. It’s something close to a concept album: the songs are more or less about people who get harassed, bullied, made fun of, physically and mentally tortured just for being different, just for being something that other people can’t understand, or don’t want to understand. This kind of suffering often creates a scar that doesn’t heal , it’s a deep sadness that a lot of people keep inside for all their lives. We’re trying to say that nobody has the right to ruin other people’s lives, that ignorance is the easiest way to play with other people’s feelings. Our message goes to the boys and girls, men and women, who are experiencing this kind of pain: don’t let them tell you how you have to live your life, face them and show them a smile, you’re better than them.

You have a few video clips that can be found here: - do you already have plans for a new one? And can you tell us something about it?
VDiva: We already shot the video of our upcoming new single ‘You are alive’. This video shows exactly what we are trying to say with our album, it shows the pain, but also the way out for everyone who is in these kinds of situations.
Jan Yes, and „You are Alive“ will not be the only Video we do oft that record. We still have a lot of ideas.

VDiva, I think you are originally from Italy or was it the Ticino, how did you end up in this band? And how did you come to Switzerland or Aarau?
VDiva: I’m from Italy. I moved to Switzerland 5 years ago and it happened because of love. It’s a beautiful country with amazing landscapes and I love to live here. One year ago, while I was working on my solo project Violent Diva, I’ve been contacted by Jan who was looking for a new singer. Things worked out and here we are. It’s been a long and challenging process, we changed a lot during this last year and I brought all my different influences to the music of the band. I’m used to listen to a lot of different styles of music and I cannot keep myself closed up within a genre, I love crossovers and open minds.

In 2010 you played a very special show at the HR Giger Museum in Gruyeres, can you tell more about this event, how did that come up?
Jan: It’s thanks to my wife Annie. She has a very good contact to the Museum and HR Giger. We already played 2009 in the Giger Museum. That was at the Vernissage of Annie’s exhibition. And 2010 we could play again in the context of a summer party. Because the whole band appreciates the art of HR Giger, it was of course a huge honor for us. And we would do it anytime again ;)

You have already been on tour with Project Pitchfork and in autumn you will go again on tour with them and Stahlmann, how do you prepare for this tour? And what do you expect from it?
Jan: Yeah, that’s right. After we have finished the record, we now spend as much time in the rehearsal place, to internalize the new songs. We are all happy that it starts again. We are really looking forward to going on stage. That is the main reason why we make music.. What we expect of…that are different things. On one side we want to introduce our music to a big audience. Let’s face it… our name recognition is still expandable ;) And the other point is of course having fun. Something connects us to Pitchfork and Stahlmann. We know each other. We don’t drive along with just someone. Stahlmann for example z.B. invited us. We can hardly wait ´till it starts ;)

Do you think it is more difficult to gain ground in Switzerland with that kind of music you are doing, than for example in Germany?
Jan: No, I don’t absolutely think so. I think that Switzerland might even be a bit more open for this kind of sound. I think the one or the other band already proved that before us. But in order to find out we are doing this tour ;)

If you could change something in the Swiss music scene, what would it be?
Jan: I would appreciate a bit more solidarity between the bands. Everyone goes their own ways and they don’t care about others. We tried to change that not long ago, but it remained just a good conversation… I am one of those who can’t say anything bad about Swiss promoters. We´ve always got a really good support so far.

What do you wanna reach with your music and where do you see yourselves in 10 years?
VDiva:We want to continue to produce music that we love and that has a reason to be. We want to play concerts, meet people around the world and share the best time we can with all of them.
Jan I am the old guy in the band ;) In 10 years I will most likely concentrate more on productions in the studio. Let’s see what the wrinkles say ;)

Are you dreaming of a record deal? If yes, which slogan would you create to sell yourselves?
Jan: We already had a record deal but that was a waste of time.. So it depends, what kind of deal…We wouldn’t chum up, we would just send our material and wait. Either they like our music and artwork, or not…
How important is a record deal nowadays? Do you think bands can handle it all by themselves?
Jan: Like I already said... It depends what kind of label.. If you take a small Indie Label, you can also do it yourself. A Major one like Universal or something like that takes usually a lot of money in their hands, to support and promote the band. That’s something you can’t do yourself, because a band or a musician simply does not own enough bucks for that.

Why are you THE band our readers should listen to?
VDiva:There’s a lot of good music out there. Don’t believe to the ones saying that there’s nothing new that is worth to listen to. We’re here to make good music and inspire people to be the best that they can.
Jan I think, just give it a try, listen and judge for yourself. You won’t regret it for sure..

Thank a lot I wish you all the best for the future.

Author: Sandy Mahrer, photos: Band
Date: 2012-10-01

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