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Fresh Act November 2012

Revine is an upcoming visual kei band from Osaka, Japan. They have just released their first album and are touring in Japan. Revine´s singer Zero kindly answered STALKER´s questions.

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We are Revine from Osaka, Japan.

零 -zero- (vocals)

彩 -sai- (guitar)

希 -nozomi- (guitar)

流 -ryu- (bass)

潤 -jun- (drums)

What kind of music do you play?

We perform aggressive emotion provoking rock music.

How did it all begin? Where did you meet each other? When was the band founded?

I wanted to start a band, so I went to live venues and talked to people in order to find members. As a band we officially became active on August 6th 2011.

Why did you choose the band name Revine? Is there a special meaning behind it?

The name ‘Revine’ expresses the meaning of metempsychosis, the passing of soul after death into another body, reincarnation.

Who are your musical idols, what are your most important musical influences?

We have been influenced by several different artistist for example Luna Sea and DIR EN GREY.

What kind of topics do you choose for your songs? Where do you get the inspiration from?

Our music is inspired by things formed in nature.

How is the scene for Rock Music in Japan? Are Japanese people more into foreign Bands or do they also support their local Rock bands?

Unfortunately the Japanese rock scene is suffering from a lack of inspiration and the audience has come to expect less from an artist. As far as western rock music, I don´t listen to it so much, but many Japanese do.

What do you think are the biggest differences between the Rock-Scene in Japan and Europe?

Japanese rock scene is very straight-forward and somewhat passive, whereas people in the European rock scene seems to put themselves out there much more, which I find stimulating. Japanese rock bands have become complacent.

On the pictures you look like as if you take good care of styling, do you think styling is very important for bands? What inspires you?

Styling is extremely important in Japan. Image is everything and it expresses who you are. As a band we like a provocative visual style. I enjoy watching movies and they inspire me a lot. Movies have a way of portraying life on film. We want to do the same thing with our music.

The art of styling you have is called Visual Kei, when did you started to dress like this, and do you also style up that way in your normal life or is it only for the band?

When I was in high school, I saw visual kei bands and I decided that I would like to form one myself too. Our everyday fashion and band’s visual image are different.

The Visual Kei style is very androgynous, do you prefer people not to know what gender you are right away from the first sight, or what is the main point behind this? Maybe you can explain this to people who do not know much about Visual Kei?

Visual kei is about the power of expression, being able to express through music, together with a visual idea. Despite the fact that visual kei is primarily comprised of men, the idea of androgyny adds a bewitching beauty to it.

What do you want to reach with your music, what dreams do you have?

To take over the world.

What are your plans for the near future?

We just hosted our first anniversary and debut EP concert here in Osaka last August 26th. Revine will continue to play shows to support this release. The name of the album is「DICTATOR´S EMPIRE~Code of D leading to a past~」. Thank you for your interest in Revine and please support us! Website (Japanese only) is

Translation from English to Japanese & Japanese to English by: Seri Nieves & Meeri Koskialho /
Unicorn Promotions - a big thanks for the support!
Author: Sandy Mahrer, photos: Band & Live Pics by Unicorn Promotions
Date: 2012-11-01

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