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STALKERs Fresh Act - December 2006 / January 2007

As openers for Pure Inc. and The Traceelords we had almost missed those newcomers, because it might happen at concerts that we don't get to check out the first band on stage, but in Hamburg's Headbangers Ballroom they took us over with their first song and kept us interested until their last one. Truly a worthy Fresh Act we'd like to present to you.

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Kui: First there's Marcel our singer. Jan is our guitarrist, Niklas plays Cello, Piot is our drummer and I play Bass.

Tell us how you came to play this music.
Marcel: I heard "Jailhouse Rock" when I was six and then it was clear to me that I want to be a singer. .
Kui: I started to have guitar lessons with my mom, and at some point the band in my block looked for a bassist. The other guitarists were better than I, so that suited me. And I've made music since then.
Niklas: I saw ´96 the first Apocalyptica gig and realized that a Cello can be used for much more than just playing in an orchestra.
Jan: I touched my guitar with 8 and never let go since then, I always just wanted this one thing. Don't ask me why...

How and when did you meet and found Balboa Inn?
Jan: At Popkurs 2002 I met Piot who moved to Hamburg soon afterwards, and we wanted to start something cool. Then Niklas, who I already knew from school, joined us and the result sounded pretty cool. After being completed with Marcel on 10th March 2004 at Popkurs 2004 we set off. Kui was found via advertisement. And in terms of career steps, wie are still in the setting off process. We played live a lot and recorded 3 demos, and we won the national LocalHeroes competition.

How did you create this extraordinary sound? What are your influences?
Jan: Basically it's influences by all kinds of music and this absurd mixture of five completely different characters who are united in this band.
Niklas: ...Bruckner
Piot: Dream Theatre
All: And of course Metallica, Sevendust, Whitesnake, Scorpions, Michael Jackson (Milestone), Billy Idol, Judas Priest, van Halen, Deep Purple and sort of everything you hear...Survivor, Europe.

How is a typical Balboa Inn Song created? Do you have a concept?
Marcel: Our songs are created by jamming, no more to say. This is all we have, the formula.
Jan: Concepts interfere with the creative process. We write, as mentioned before, when we feel like, and this is quite often. The best stuff comes out when you don't plan to write a hit. The topics in the lyrics somehow come up as well. Sometimes we realize what a text is about when it's finished. Therefore the listener has much space for own interpretations.
Niklas: Our lyrics mainly deal with being punctual and how to handle technical products.

Do you have a special ritual before walking on stage?
Jan: ...I always stop talking.
Niklas: There's no time for rituals because we don't have a roadcrew to handle our equipment. But there's always time for hugging.

Did something funny happen to you?
Jan: We laugh a lot, mainly about ourselves. But please don't ask me what we laugh about.
Niklas: A gig in front of two guests in Köln at an event that was hugely overestimated by the promoter. Next day he charged for a beer crate and invited us to a Kebab dinner. God bless him.

What was the best and the worst that happend to you so far?
Jan: The worst was our split in december 2005. Everybody suffered, I even ended up in hospital... broken heart.
Marcel: The best was the reunion and the resulting positive events, the step forward for the band in terms of human relations. That made us strong.

What do you plan for the future?
Marcel: Just check out our news section at, because many gigs may happen at short notice.
Jan: We just finished recording an EP and look for a label.

Author: Jasmin Froghy, Photos: Balboa Inn
Date: 2006-12-12

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