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STALKERs Fresh Act May 2010

When the young lads from the small City of Gadebusch in northern Germany sent us their demo, no-one knew that as soon as the speakers blasted off the first track, it was clear that it would be sacriligous to not make Confession by Silence the fresh act of the month. The lads hit just the right spot with their melodic death metal and bring fresh blood into the genre. We, at least cannot wait for their debut album, on which the boys are working on and we would not be at all surprised when they get a record label. So, enough lobbying, here comes the band from singer, Steffen Falk, guitarist Clemens Burmeister and drummer Christoph Kuban to speak…

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Please introduce your band.
Clemens: We are Confession by Silence; we are around since January 2009 and we come from Gadebusch, close to Schwerin. The band consists of the classic set: drums, keyboards, two guitars, bass and vocals. Christoph Kuban is our drummer, Paul Thiess on keyboards, Martin Henneke plays bass, Stefan Falk is the singer and Daniel Hausschild and I play guitars. We have set up the band so, that everyone has specific roles in the band. Martin, for example, does the organisational work, sets us up for shows and clears off how we get there. Paul does the whole layout and works on photos and such. All of the texts come from Steffen. I write the songs, the guitar and keyboard tracks, so everything melodic. Christoph then does the suggestions in rehersal, like where a bridge would fit in and so on.

Steffen Falk - vocals and Clemens Burmeister - guitar

How did you come up with your name and what does it mean to you?
Christoph: I researched a bit on old stories an din the bible states that Jesus was crucified because he remained silent. We translated it into English and saw that it sounded quite cool. In the end, one can take this into modern day situations and see that when one stays silent, one is seen guilty.

Are you religious?
Christoph: No, not at all. The name comes from religion, but we think that it works in every day life.

You don´t come from a big city…
Clemens: No, not at all.

How have found you so many capable musicians, who share the same taste in music?
Clemens: That was a stroke of luck. I changed schools and went to Schwerin, got to know Christoph, was squeezed into the band and started playing guitar. We became school friends and played in school happenings. We had a band before Confession by Silence, but we only played covers.

Daniel Hausschild - guitar and Martin Henneke - bass

Are you still going to school?
Clemens: Yes, some of us are. Paul is now doing his high school, Steffen also wants to do it. The rest of us are doing apprenticeships and civil service.

What do you orientate yourself on and what inspires you when it comes to the texts, Steffen?
Steffen: All sorts of situations in life. I write basically open, naturalistic and metaphoric so, that every person can interpritate the text for oneself. The texts are mostly about the community and social problems.

Can you give an example?
Steffen: In the title “Societyslave” it is about the state smoothening people down and the state states how one should live ones life; get up in the morning, come back from work in the evening and one cannot show ones freedom and one is not free in what one does and that one tries to get out of the beehive.

How do you describe the direction of your music? I would describe it as Melodic Death Metal, in the same style as COB and Hypocrisy.
Clemens: Just as you do. It is clear that we have a certain line that we follow, but we openly stay there. Every member lets the bands he likes influence and we want people to hear that. This is how we have so many influences in our band. A remarkable characteristic in our band is that it sounds somewhat planned. This is going to change a thousand times, but one can see that there is a principal behind it. Thus our songs are very melodic and we try to hold the scale between hard and soft.

How close are you to your first longplay?
Clemens: We have six songs and an intro and another two or three in progress. We are working on our first album. In the moment we are taking everything home and giving it to a guy, who does everything we cannot do as a hobby, meaning mixing, mastering and so on.

Paul Thiess - keyboard and Christoph Kuban - drums

Where can we see you live? Have you already had some shows?
Steffen: We have toured with a theatre. It didn´t really go together, but we got some shows done as well as experience in playing in front of an audience, that did not listen to our music. None the less, it was a good experience. We now know, that you have to get off if people really don´t want to listen to you. But we have had enough of that. Slowly we are getting gigs where people really want to listen to us and that is, of course a lot of fun.
Christoph: Due to the whole theatre-tour I go on stage completely differently and am really happy if the audience goes crazy and I don´t expect it. I think that´s why it was important for us.
Clemens: We are next playing in a biker festival. Our tour dates are on our Myspace-site.

What are you expecting from the future of the band?
Clemens: We want to make it to the point where we have enough time for our music. Of course it would be best if we had a label, real tours and that we could fully concentrate on our music. But that is not that simple.

Have you been in contact with a record label?
Clemens: No, not yet.

It will surely not take this band that long to find one. To those, who are curious and want to check out the band, go to:

Author: Text & Photos: Samira Alinto. Translation: Ozzy Aikas
Date: 2010-04-30

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