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Pain - Peter Tägtgren’s 7 deadly sins

Peter Tägtgren of Pain and Hypocrisy shares some words of wisdom, as he comments on the 7 Deadly Sins…

It´s nice to eat, but if you eat too much… I think I can cook well, after my last divorce I started to cook, I like good food. But shall I give a word of wisdom? “Kids, take care and don´t eat too much”…. Blah! And drinking too… when I drink, that “Mr Other Guy” comes out… is he a good guy? Yeah, well… it depends which state you´re in when he comes out, if you´re also drunk then it could be fun. Oh, alcohol´s not good, but I like a good party.

It´s good to be lazy sometimes… I like to create things, so for me… I can stay in bed for days, watching tv and that´s my vacation.

Not really… I´m proud of the music I´m doing, that´s something I believe in… Do I admire myself? I´m very stubborn. If something doesn´t work out how I want it, I don´t give up. That´s a good quality I think. I don´t give a shit about how good I look, but I want to give a good performance every time I´m on stage.

It´s both, good and bad, if you´re very greedy then make sure you really deserve it. I know many greedy people but it always ends in a fight. I think it depends on how you are, in which situation you are. In some situations you should be greedy and it makes you get things done otherwise others will fuck you up the ass. So it´s about balance… In my time, I´ve learnt not to take too much shit from the music industry, I basically do whatever I want. But you can never have everything you want/need, but I´m not complaining.

Envy´s good, because that keeps you hungry. If you see someone get something you can´t get, then you´re envy, but hopefully it gives you some motivation, a kick to keep you going and also achieve your goal.

Being aggressive… Well, it depends, if it´s about sex… (laughs) Some fans can be forceful too, instead of saying “hello”, they try to touch you, and that´s annoying. So it´s all relative…

(does a gesture of self-castration) should´ve done that 20 years ago…

Author: Marina Sidyakina, transl. Sandy Mahrer, photos: Xeniya Balsara
Date: 2008-10-27

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