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Even before HŚvard, the frontman of ever-changing Norwegian Mortiis and the bandís main writer/composer, heard all the sins, he immediately became very excited about the whole concept: ďsins?! Seven?! I do them all!!!Ē

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Do I glut myself, or what do I do? I mean, it varies. Greed is about overeating also, isnít? I thought it was quite metaphorical. But itís not right to eat too much. Just eat when youíre hungry!

You should meet our drummer! He sleeps! Heís like a sleep-machine. Heís sleeping right now, he slept 14 hours last night, all the time. Sloth is being lazy, right? I havenít checked the deadly sins for a while, so I should re-watch that movie ď7Ē again, as itís all about that. Sleeping too much is like wasting your life, isnít? Resting is not sloth, the rest is resting out, but sloth is being lazy and then you never get anything done. I donít think Iím this kind of person. I donít think Iím ďbzzzzzzzzzzĒ all the time either, but I feel bad if I donít get stuff done Ė I feel lazy. I canít wear jogging pants all day, I have to wear proper clothes, because otherwise itís just like my day is never starting and I feel lazy, you know what I mean? So no comfort for me.

To a certain degree itís ok, but then do it too much and itís kind of gay, you know? I donít want to be derogatory towards all those, but... I just was! (laughs) Vanity... (takes a pause) What do you think about vanity? (addresses bassist Levi, who then says nothing, but takes a huge sip out of a bottle of red merlot Ė Ďcheersí) Right, weíre interesting people. Well, if you want to waste some hours in front of a mirror all day Ė fine, if itís all that matters to you, then youíre a superficial person, if thatís what you want to do and that pays your bills, so thatís good for you. I just can never imagine spending all the time on fucking fixing myself up, I will look like a fucking idiot Ė like a monster! I spend about 15min in a bathroom everyday, and that includes showers, because I canít even wash my hair. So whatís there to do?! Soap up (does a fast gesture of washing himself) and thatís it Ė done and ready to go!

I love to read! Oh, what was this? Greed? Oh right. Reading is not a sin, I forgot, so here you go. But I really hate this one, really. I mean, I just came out of this one fucking record deal which was just saturated with greed, the whole deal was just about them, them, them. I never got to share anything, I never got to see any money, I never got fucking anything. We sold quite a lot of records, but Iíve never got paid. This is greed. Itís a fat fucking pig sitting in an office, and wants everything for himself. He goes to Las Vegas on vacation twice a year, he has a house in Spain, and I here canít fix my teeth. Thatís greed.

He thinks he did some good work for us, promotion and so on, but in fact he didnít. We sold a couple of singles, that went to the charts in the UK, for a week, but thatís nothing. It shouldíve been 10 weeks at least. So if I am greedy for anything, itís revenge! (all laugh) But not really anything huge... You know, when we were younger and we had a vision of becoming big rock stars, now I donít even get a shit, all I want now is to be treated fairly, and to be able to make the music that I want, under the conditions that I want, and be able to make a living. I donít care about rockstars, I fucking hate rockstars. Fucking bloated egos, man. Terrible people. Iím in that scene, I see it and thatís why I can really hate it. I fight it in a way that I try to be cool to people. I walk around with my nose up in the air, smoking Marlboro, like Iīm some fucking rock god. Iím not, Iím a normal human being.

I have a wife, after who I lust everyday. Lust is great Ė itís only human. I mean, all those sins they are normal human... Iím not even going to say Ďweaknessesí, but processes of normal human nature. Some good, some bad, you know? Greed is the route to destruction, as far as Iím concerned, sooner or later somethingís gonna happen. If youíre too greedy itís going to blow up in your face. And thatís what I think will happen to our ex-record label, theyíre probably going bankrupt soon, having fucked up so many people over. Nobody will want to sign with them anymore, so... Itís a full circle and everythingís coming back at the end.

Wrath? Anger? Whatever anger, hatred, frustration that I feel, I try to turn into music, into something creative, somethingís that actually productive, constructive, you know? As opposed to taking a baseball bat and beating people, and that wonít get me anywhere but jail. So Iím trying to do a smart thing. If somebody messes with my wife or my daughter, Iíd be more than happy to physically defend them.

Maybe I used to feel envy, but now every time I see somebody with success and I donít think they deserve it, I just ask myself Ė ďdo I really care? NoĒ. Because I am more important than them. Why waste time having hang-ups on other people when you could be spending time focusing on your own well-being. I try to think that way at least, itís hard sometimes, but youíve gotta try. I donít know if there are people envious of me... (laughs) Why would there be? And if they were Ė Iíd say ďfuck you!Ē and stop focusing on me, but focus on yourself. Spend time working on yourself and not being bitter because someone else is making you envious. Sitting around, hating people, just because they have more success or whatever... I just itís a waste of time, isnít?

Author: Marina Sidyakina, transl S.Mahrer, photos: Julia Sheremetyeva
Date: 2009-04-04

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