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Private Lineīs Jack Smack and the 7 Deadly Sins

This young talented guitar hero should not be totally unknown, because Jack Smack plays for bands like Private Line and The Salvation. Surely this guy knows something about the 7 sins!

Well, let me think about it.. Andy Mc Coy had this Album in the 80īs named “Too much ainīt enough!” That would be probably the perfect answer, but I donīt know when you grow up you start to notice that sometimes you have to think that “Donīt over-do everything!” But I think you have to find the right kind of path in your life in everything, no matter if it is about eating or smoking cigarettes or drinking. You have to find the right kind of balance.

(thinking pause) Fuck this is hard! Do I envy people? I think the right kind of balance is also fitting here. I think there is good envy and bad. I think itīs good when you envy like “Oh, I wish I would have that!” but the bad envy is like “Oh, I wish he or she wouldnīt have that, because I donīt have it.” Do you understand what I mean? Thatīs the difference. It is ok to envy people, but it has to be like this that I hope to have that - but I wouldnīt want to take it away from someone else.

Laziness… Sometimes laziness is good because when you are composing new music or writing lyrics or anything artistic stuff, then it is good to be lazy every now and then, because for myself, I need some peace and some others might think that I am lazy, because I am lying in bed and might be thinking something, or riffs are playing in my mind. I just need some peace and quietness every now and then, so I can think about the ideas that come and then start to work on those. But if you are all the time in the hazzle, itīs hard to concentrate. So laziness is sometimes good, but not all the time because then you get all lazy!

There are also good and bad sides. We have to know what we want to do in our lives, and keep ourselves like we are. Respect ourselves so we can respect other people. But too much vanity, itīs not good, because then you start to concentrate only on yourself.

Well, seems like Iīm gonna answer in every single one the same. (laughs) Because there are good and bad sides also. Because of course we wanna succeed, so we have to be a little bit greedy or otherwise we can just be like: “Can I have that?” But it doesnīt always work like that. I donīt like that greediness in the world, that some people just think because they have enough money, other people can just die without food or something. I think if I start to talk about politics, it would take an hour to make this answer. But I think that the things that are happening in the world right now should be changed somehow. Because I think there is not the right balance in the world right now. Because there is lot of hunger and bad things happening, and some people are getting millions of money because they are headmasters of the company. You know what I mean?

Yeah I know what you mean and totally agree on that! Next one is Wrath
Anger, well sometimes I am angry and sometimes other people are angry. Usually I use my anger and frustration in music and something like that. I get lot of power to beat my guitar (smiles) and get my wrath out. I am not angry often even though somebody might think that I look angry or something but I think itīs my shyness. I donīt know, I donīt like wrath, even though I am angry sometimes

Lust…Lust for Life. I like lust! Lust is good! (laughs)

So do you think you could live without any Sin?
I think we humans are that kind of being that we can live however we want. I am so used to some sins that I couldnīt live without them, for example coffee. But I have been smoking cigarettes for 15 years and I stopped smoking this January, and first I thought that “Fuck I canīt ever stop smoking!” And that it would be really pain in the ass, but now I feel really fine and I donīt need cigarettes anymore. Except some of the bad days I smoke one cigarette, but that is a little sin after 15 years when I smoked at really bad days around 7 packs of cigarettes a day.

In one day? Oh hell thatīs a lot!
Yeah, it is not good! But I got used to it back then, now I donīt smoke anymore. But who sayīs what is Sin?

Well, I guess it was the church!
But I am not part of the church, so that is the big question, who says what is a sin.

Yeah, so you think itīs kind of over-rated?
Yeah, definitely! For me there is no Sin there is just life!

Thank you for the interview.
Thank you!

Author: Sandy Mahrer, photos: Kaylin Idora
Date: 2011-05-15

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