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Stoneman and the 7 deadly sins

Basically this interview should be about reflections on the 7 deadly sins, but after you have met the new 4 deadly sins from Switzerland, you feel so much more like a saint. Mikki, Fly, Chris and Rico alias Stoneman claimed that this was the most difficult interview ever, therefore singer Mikki had to take another attempt for commenting on the 7 deadly sins – and you might end up wondering if he also practises what he preaches?

Gluttony is not a sin. Gluttony is hedonism (as ancient Greeks called it, meaning pleasure, lust, indulgence and desire), indulgence and life, and if you love something you should get soaked with it (Fly is laughing in the background)

Envy is quite healthy, up to a certain point. As I mentioned before, envy is something you need to be successful. You need to want something, and part of it is that you notice something somebody else has, and that you want, too. But not envy in a negative context, that you envy somebody for having something – only that you would like to have the same, too.

Sloth is something really bad. Sloth is not connected with success in any way. Sloth might be okay when you deserve it – and somebody who deserves to be lazy, hardly ever indulges in sloth.

Vanity is also healthy up to a certain point. I pity all people who do not love themselves, but also just up to a certain point. Arrogance is the opposite of vanity.

Greed is good, as long as nobody else has to suffer. Those are all things that are part of life and that are important, but they should be kept in a healthy range. Greed is something cruel. You should be satisfied with what you have, and of course you should always pursuit more, this is the nature of human kind that you always want more, but you should also know when it is enough. And most importantly, you should be satisfied. This is why greed basically is a cruel thing.

Wrath... it is a pity that such thing even exists. Especially in our band it is a major source of energy, and without wrath, hatred and darkness there would be no Metal and none of the music that we make. And it is a part of life, and as long as you can unleash your wrath in the form of music, it is surely the right way.

Lust is an urge and urges should not be surpressed. Period.

All those 7 deadly sins are not sins, I think those are simply aspects of human existence, and if you don´t have all those, you never ever get to be successful. Without greed or envy - those are urges to be successful, and basically you should read the book by Anton LaVey „Church of Satan“, then you know it all.
Ok thank you!
You´re welcome!
Author: Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber, photos: Sandy Mahrer; Band
Date: 2011-06-06

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