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7 deadly sins: The Anatomy Of Frank

The Anatomy Of Frank came to my attention last November at Iceland Airwaves. I instantly loved their sound and their passionate live shows. So much, that I wanted to introduce them to the world, with the help of singer and guitar player Kyle Woolard (read the full interview here ).

At we have a column called “7 deadly sins” where we ask a variety of musicians to give us their thoughts on the topic. So far we’ve gotten anything from brief comments to jokes to serious philosophical thought. Thus, if you are up for it, I’d love to read your take on this.

Gluttony - The main reason I´m atheist; if gluttony is a sin, I´m screwed. I ate 4 grilled cheese sandwiches like two hours ago.

Envy - How am I supposed to not feel this when Ryan Gosling is alive? What God would put me in that position?

Sloth - I woke up at noon today. I do feel bad about it, but not bad enough.

Vanity - It´s hard to feel vain when you look like a bad cartoon character.

Wrath - Isn´t "the wrath of God" a thing?

Lust - See response for Envy.

Author: Stefanie Oepen Foto: Band
Date: 2015-03-07

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