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Back To Rock 2007

Stadt / City Reiden 
Land / Country CH 
Datum / Date07-08.09.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie Backtorock_2007 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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Back to Rock happened in Swiss Reiden for the third time. Due to the moving to a bigger area, more stands and bands, it turned out to be a real small-size Open-Air. The Blue Rockers club, who organized everything, tells the story like this:

Just like so many times before, natural born rock- metalfreaks Kuschi (Markus Bieri) and his buddy Mädi (Martial Mäder) are hanging out at some 0815 party. Despite the yellow juice with the whitecap on top they were getting very angry with the disturbing sound coming out of the speakers. Moved by their anger and a few more beers they had the glorious idea: “we will organize something for those who share our musical interests ourselves!” But it had to be realizable and financially bearable. Therefore at the end of March 2005, along with three genre-lovers more, the blue rockers club was formed. Already in the first year Back To Rock festival had its premiere.

I have to say, luckily the speakers gave such a bad sound on that party, course otherwise even today in Reiden you would only see cows in the fields.

Friday, 7. 9. 2007

Charing Cross (Switzerland)

The hard rock band Charing Cross opens the festival with full power. The guys Andy Dormann (guitar), Pascal Zwyssig (guitar), Markus Flury (bass), Tommy Pfiffner (drums) and Peter Hochuli (vocals) rock from the first to the last second. Great sound and a voice so convincing, characteristic, catching and fascinating. You can feel and see the fun the combo has being on stage, that`s why their shows always give great pleasure. They presented one song from their new album (to be released soon), which the fans definitely will be already longing for.

Just Priest (Germany)
Like the name already suggests they are a Judas Priest tribute band. It all began eight years ago when the metalband Agent Orange was founded A tribute to the metal gods. They do it with all their heart and just like the original. The mob seems to agree on that. They play classics and songs Judas Priest deleted from their list a long time ago. Flowing hair is a performance of duty. Just great!

667-The Neighbour of the Beast (Germany)
Again a coverband, this time it`s about Eddie and Iron Maiden. For seven years Neighbour play everything their great idols offered: Uwe (drums), Karsten (bass), Daniel (vocals), Mächl (guitar) and Günther (guitar) give their very best – just as we would expect from Iron Maiden – and are great with it. You really have to praise them.

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (Germany)

Highlight and wrap-up of the evening: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter enter the stage and begin with their very own sound, which contains hard as well as melodic elements; their lyrics make you sing along, and this is what many people do. Their stage performance has its specials, like keyboarder Dr. Pest in a cage masked. During the show they picked two volunteer girls out of the crowd, took them on stage, first there`s a little dancing with singer Fuchs, then they have to go into the cage, handcuffed for one song. Then Fuchs spits fire. Two rubber boats with two metalfreaks in them crowdsurfing. Some giant balloons… the audience freaks out, nearly everybody joins keeping the balloons in the air. There are some that even concentrate on these ones only and don`t follow the rest of the show. In a whole it seems to have a lot in common with legendary Rammstein shows, who cares… most important is that the audience is satisfied.

The first evening was a success, but more people should have attended the signing sessions. Maybe many visitors didn`t even know about them.

Saturday, 8. 9. 2007

Zyanide (Switzerland)
Again a young metal band, just founded 2005, was honored with opening the second evening. It`s very interesting what Daniel (vocals/guitar), Andreas (guitar), Philipp (Keyboards) and Timon (Drums) trew at their listeners. Some riffs and key- parts are near to Viking metal, in my opinion, and remind of Korpiklaani and Finntroll. The short key- intro of the song „Battlefield“ is taken from a very famous Irish folksong The Sally Gardens ( well, if you own a Tin Whistle and play it from time to time, you know this very beautiful song), then it changes to speed riffing, a very good song. To all producers out there, Zyanide are hot stuff!

Battalion (Switzerland)
Former „Corpus Delicti“ released their first album „Fight For Metal.“in 2006 with a new bandname and bassit. The brothers Silvan (Vocals, Lead Guitar), Cyril (Rhythm Guitar) as well as Sämi (Drums) and Dejan (Bass) do classic old school 70er /80er metal at its best. Unbelievable what the guys, all yet under 20, are showing. Obvious are influences like Manowar, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, but even that is what makes the band appealing. The up to this point still little number of metalheads in front of the stage are also giving their very best. We`ll surely hear many about Battalion within the next years.

Thunder-X (Switzerland)
This melodic power metal band was founded six years ago by the two guitarists Thomas and Patric and is now after some difficulties on their best way to success. Therefore you mustn`t wonder they have their fanbase with them here in Reiden. Their sound seduces with melodic guitar riffs that still don`t lose their heaviness. Singer Emanuel underlines all with his manly voice and drummer Remo gives his very best. Fun and pleasure while listening are not to be missed here.

Hellvetica (Switzerland)
The next turn starts with five metalheads in a harder gait. Just 2002 MooN and Jon started first to haandle their guitars. Full of energy and power they do a great show and blast their metal into the slowly warming up crowd.

Mabon (Switzerland)

In the middle of 2002 they started as a pure male quartet, now they have Monika Hagmann on rhythm guitar, which was played by sing Roger before. Their bandname is taken from celtic mythology and symbolizes a talented child, who`s abilities still have to be awakened. With Mabon this abilities turned out as extremely powerful thrash-metal. Frontman Roger knows how to attract people`s attention and take them away. And the sweet lady on the guitars charmes a metal-heads heart naturally. A powerful diverse sound with a great stage – show.

Shorts & Churchbells (Switzerland)
As the last Swiss band at Back To Rock they literally heated up the place. Since 1999 they follow Thrash- Metal. SAC hit you from the first moment, headbanging is allowed again until your head falls off. Frontman Gregor crawls into your ears with his scratchy, aggressive singing. A really great show.

Gun Barrel (Germany)

Let`s Rock – this is the philosophy of the guys from Cologne, founded by guitarist and full-time rocker Rolf Tanzius. His fellows Tomcat (bass), Toni (drums) and Xaver (vocals) give you a feeling of „Born to be Wild“ immediately, with refrains that enter your brain and seduce you to sing along. Their stage-presence convinces with the dirt that is simply needed for this kind of music.

Unrest (Germany)
No matter how many times you`ve seen them already, it remains something special. The men have enormous powers and their catchy, metallic sound guarantees damn neck ache to one or the other. Plus the strong, energetic super-voice of Sönke, it couldn`t be better. Everything simply fits here and melts together to an unbelievably strong piece of music.

Mystic Prophecy (Germany)
Power metal from Germany with Markus Pohl (guitar), Martin Albrecht (bass), Martin Grimm (guitar), Matias Straub (drums) and R.D.Liapakis, who give their best here. They play their heavy but still melodic US-Power-Metal like little gods. Their Greek Adonis on the mike does miracles on us with his voice. This gig has been recorded and will appear as a bonus DVD to their album „Satanic Curses“, out on 24.10.07.

Sodom (Germany)
Twentyfive long years have passed, along with hard work, sweat in their faces, loads of whisky, beer and various other liquids, party hard, and they are still alive. Even in Reiden they attract the largest number of fans. Bernemann (guitar), Bobby (drums) and Tom Angelripper (vocals, bass) play and sing like they always do, hard, heavy, evil. Thrash Metal a la Sodom, which touches Death and Black Metal. The mob is nearly untamable, flowing hair, loud growls and wild partying are the best proof for a great show an a successful ending for Back to Rock 2007.

Summary: a really good organized open air with a rich offer of catering, a cool bar, a lot of nice people and awesome music.

Sandy Mahrer, tranls. Katrin Dietl

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