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Stadt / City Hannover 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date02.11.2007 
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Lola Angst
Almost half an hour earlier than announced Lola Angst started the evening, with the result that there was nearly no one in front of the small stage. The guys faced this strange situation with their typical sense of humor - "well, now we can welcome each fan personally" - and deliver - even without pyros and dancing ballerinas - an entertaining best-of show with songs from both of their CDs. But as hard as they played, the audience remained reserved.

Dope Stars Inc.

Again there have been line-up changes just right before the tour, Alex Vega has left Dope Stars Inc. Now singer Victor Love plays the second guitar. A positive choice concerning his stage presence, the insecurity of the past tours is gone.

Unfortunately the audience - the room was now halfway filled - was still not really awake. Usually the girls were cheering, the rest seemed more interested in their beer glasses. The not really convincing Cover of Motörhead's Ace of Spades in the end did not help to make it any better.

Kirlian Camera

This changed when their Kirlian Camera entered the stage. The room was not only full, the male interest had also increased immediately. The extremely tight army pants of Elena Fossi may have be one but not the only reason for this.

The Italians know how to put themselves and their neo-folk music on stage - in a emotional and compelling way. For the first time this evening the crowd was moving, for the first time there was more than just some isolated applause.

London After Midnight

The mood cheered up when it was time for the final band: London After Midnight. The "Live- Version" of Sean Brennan's project is reduced to now only two musicians - bass player Randy Mathias and drummer Joe S. - the actually announced guitarist Eddie Hawkins had obviously quit the band right before the tour, and so Sean plays the guitar himself. But this did not really affect the show. Randy was active for two and Sean`s beautiful voice charmed the audience from the first moment on.

Just the screaming of some girls especially during the calmer songs was pretty disturbing. The playlist was mostly based on songs from the current release "Violent Acts of Beauty" but also classics like "Sacrifice" or "Your best nightmare" were played.
Even if LAM 2007 lost a bit of the magic of past performances it was still a beautiful concert and a nice closing for the evening.

Marie-Luise Führ

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