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Trash Fest III

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Gloria, Nosturi 
Datum / Date4.-6.3.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie siehe text / see text 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer, Klaudia Weber 
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Facing such temperatures in Finland, it becomes quite difficult to put yourself together and leave the warm home, especially when the whole inner city has turned into a skating arena. Yet US Sweetheart Mama Trash takes care of the Trash Fest III that warms our hearts and souls and provides our ears with some good music.

Trash Fest III Kick Off Party
As introduction to the 2-day spectacle Lady Trash invites on Thursday to the Kick off Party at Gloria Club, with a great Line-Up that was due to some changes, though.

Before the concert „Erotic Juliet Djs“, or better Darin and Ash (Dope Stars Inc.), made some noise and attracted some audience…

Crystal Rain

More band photos here
Those three guys and two girls from Helsinki don´t have much audience yet but still they give everything. Singer Ryan flirts with heavily with the cameras, you almost have to hide just to get a “natural” shot. Musically it´s a 30min Gothic Sound set that still needed some brush-up but has some appeal already. (SM) The singer – handing out red roses to excited female fans in the first row – needed 2,3 songs to warm up but then this 80s style Goth worked quite nicely. A lot of potential.(KW)

Midnight Cowboy

More band photos here
Originally Sexydeath should have played afterwards but they had to cancel due to schedule clashes. Midnight Cowboy from Stockholm are a real treat and totally convincing with their rough R´n´R, but we could not watch them for long as we had a nice chat with Baby Jane – to be online soon!


More band photos here
It´s clear that this band will make it, yet just like Crystal Rain they´d require some polish, or a touch of commercialism – but perhaps they are closer to the break-through than they realize themselves! The music is very inspiring, songs like „Apollo’s Child“ and „Rosy Walls“ are real Rock anthems. Singer Jaakko utilizes his variable voice confidently and in an elegant fashion, sometimes he seems a bit shy, which isn´t bad at all. Guitarist Uula and Bassist Ande deliver the steady beat. We´ll introduce this band in more detail soon (SM). The band name defines it accurately, my spirits were indeed raised when they got it going with a powerful Stoner-like sound, Jaakko´s voice sometimes reminds you of Chris Cornell. Charismatic and very professional – or how many people even noticed Uula´s technical problems and the guitar was briefly totally off? Great and promising act. (KW)

Baby Jane

More band photos here
Definitely a highlight of this evening: those 5 guys from Gothenburg delivered a powerful show, rocking, funny and convincing. Who would expect those young guys to rock it like this! There´s no comparison with the CD, you get double fun when you see them live on stage, infecting everybody with their lust for life. They simply have fun with what they are doing, and they rock the club. A great warm up for Trash Fest III at Nosturi. (SM) OOOPS who released all those madmen from their asylum?? Those unleashed dirty R´n´R beasts give so much action on stage, you hardly know where to look. 100% Party, and if Aerosmith indeed retire soon, this is a worthy successor. (KW)

Friday March 5, 2010
On this day the city seems to be slumbering, trams travel slowly due to icy rails, therefore we miss the first act Night by Night , fronted by The Sisters of Mercy Lead Guitarist Ben Christo, but you can check them out here:

Lord of the Lost

More band photos here
The lady on drums and the guys in front of her seem to have picked the right song with the Lady Gaga Cover, because with „Bad Romance“ they get the audience dancing – which mainly features “real cool rockers”, by the way. This act from Hamburg is the only German band in the Mama Trash rooster. Musically it´s a question of taste, and they have one or the other good song for those who are not that much into Lady Gaga. You feel a bit sorry for the drummer, because seeing her playing in a corselet looks like torture, but „you have to suffer for beauty“ as a German idiom says, although you cannot quite understand how a corselet that hardly allows body movement and playing the drums go together. Such outfit would not even be necessary, just seeing a girl at the drums makes the guys´ hearts beat faster. (SM)


More band photos here
Iconcrash were a replacement for second headliner Lacrimas Profundere from Germany who had to cancel due to schedule clashes. Also this band has been part of Trash Fest last year III already. (SM) A rather melancholic New Wave/Electronic sound was provided by those Finns, for me a bit too much of Electro, but their hit „Everlasting“ is some ear candy that seems to stick forever… (KW)

Private Line

More band photos here
Those Finns are somehow the Trash Fest house band, they belong there just like Mama Trash herself. Last year Jack promised during the interview that there will be a new album, unfortunately it´s still not out yet. But it seems that it won´t take much longer because the band plays mostly new songs from the hopefully-soon-to-be-released new album. Yet that takes away the fun a bit, and we are missing the power that usually goes with a Private Line show. But with the old songs also the energy of this band returns, and finally they pull it off to take us with them to the Rock’n’roll world. (SM)

Samstag 6.3.2010
After a nice interview with New Generation Superstars in the afternoon and having some food afterwards, we indeed make it in time to the first band of the evening.
Cold Cold Ground

More band photos here
Also from Finland and they had played at the Kick off Party last year. Their trademark is the cute rabbit costume of guitarist MR. Bunny. This Industrial-Metal Band has not too much audience yet, and most people at Nosturi at this time gather in the alcohol area at the back, in order to warm up for the evening. (SM) Misfits meets The Prodigy – I´ve hardly ever heard so many f-words in one sentence, or such nice sing-alongs like „Die with a dick in your mouth“... very entertaining! (KW)


More band photos here
Those guys have another chance to present their songs to a much bigger audience, because Gemini Five had to cancel for health reasons. Also this show was pulled off nicely – with the exception of a few high vocals everything went fine. (SM)

New Generation Superstars

More band photos here
Those four Kings of Rock from the UK have gathered devoted followers in Finland already. The first row is reserved for them, therefore playing the Nosturi club might have been easier and took away some nervousness. Despite his troubles with a hoarse voice AJ and his gang give a great concert. And finally the fans can take home pieces of AJ´s destroyed guitar, nicely split up, as a souvenir of this great show. The interview with those guys will be published soon. (SM) Wow, a high quality R´n´R thunderstorm, you could define them as a mix of Sex Pistols – because of the attitude – and Status Quo – because of those incredibly catchy tunes. That´s indeed something to see, so if those guys stop by your town, go and check them out! (KW)

Neon Synthesis

More band photos here
Those Italians give a nice introduction to Dope Stars Inc. with their Industrial/ Electro- Sound and their sinister Outfits. Musically they are not quite my tea, so we rather focus on our drinks.(SM)

Dope Stars Inc.

More band photos here
Charming as usual, they enter stage with a cheerful „Hello Helsinki let’s rock“, with a heavy Italian accent. Their Industrial Sound even draws the crowds from the balcony down to the stage area, and many leave the bar zone, therefore the hall is nicely filled up, nobody wants to miss this spectacle. A great show of those Italo-Boys. (SM) Those guys present a Best Of program but also include a new song named „When I see you smile“– perfect party! (KW)

Mama Trash All Star Band

More band photos here
Finally Mama offers something special, an All Star Band playing a lot of cover songs, performed by Mike Divine, Trash Fest III host and Violent Divine singer, members of Lord of the Lost, Night by Night, Midnight Cowboys, Spiritraiser, New Generation Superstars and Private Line. A special highlight is the final „Rebel Yell“ with Anzi Distruction at the mike and Cat Casino from Deathstars on guitar, who came just for this guest appearance. During the song all Trash Fest III Artists came on stage – a great finale for the event, then everybody went to the After Party at Bar Loose.

Initially it seemed that there´s a dark cloud over Trash Fest III, as even 6 bans pulled out at rather short notice. Luckily Mama Trash found proper replacement, and it´s always nice to see familiar faces at the Trash Fest. And every year fans and musiciansyou leave with a laughing and a crying eye, because it might be the last time to meet in Helsinki...

Big thanks to Mama Trash for the support and hospitality.

Sandy Mahrer (SM), Klaudia Weber (KW)

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