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Fuck Christmas Festival 2005

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Markthalle | MarX | Kunstraum 
Datum / Date17 Dec 2005 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie Fuck_X_Mas_2005 
Photos: Melanie Haack 
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What a way to ring in the Christmas season every year with a festival that presents 29 bands on three stages and 1200 fans under one roof! Impossible to report about all of them - therefore here the line-up:

Markthalle: Farewell To Words | Hate Squad | Waterdown | Destiny | Neaera | Maroon | Illdisposed | 3 Inches Of Blood | Himsa

MarX: Tiefschlag | Badge Of Apathy | Time Has Come | Maintain | Nme.Mine | The Anti Doctrine | As We Fight | Bridge To Solace | Fall Of Serenity | Morda | Settle The Score

Kunstraum: Last Sunday | No-Thing | Ashton | San Andreas | Twenty Inch Burial | The More I See | Ephen Rian | Tribute To Nothing | Fire In The Attic

Opening bands were this year Farewell To Words, a mix of new school hardcore and metal with male and female vocals, along with German death stars Tiefschlag and Last Sunday who play a dynamic mix of emo, melodic core and pop-punk. Every half hour a new act was taking the stage keeping the energy flow going. The most acts of madness displayed were in the big Markthalle hall as there was the bigger space for the mosh pits and stage divers. The Marx had its share of that too but in a more smaller setting which turned the room into a sauna. The 3rd stage was in the upper level with a bit more breathing space. Most of the bands on the bill were rooted in the, hard core, punk, death and nu metal scene, not much of variety offered here.

There were two bands that did stick out from the rest that evening and one of them were The More I see: old school influenced metal with a modern shouter and guitarist Gizz Butt (former Prodigy) who is really a musician on his own right. Guitar virtuosity is unheard amongst the genres of bands that played this evening, but the combination of the two styles made it very interesting.

The second band was 3 Inches Of Blood who play a mix between nu metal and Running Wild. Displaying denim, spikes and leather with Iron Maiden riffs and Judas Priest style vocals.

All in all what matters is the time and effort the bands contributed to this event. Even though most of them were equal in terms of style, each band had their own identity that the fans recognized and accepted them for.

For photos of Neaera, Illdisposed, Himsa, Waterdown, The More I See, 3 Inches Of Blood and Ashton check our photo gallery!

Gabriele Palermo, translation: Klaudia Weber

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