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Lamb of God – wet fans, intense feelings and a cold

After the whole ordeal with Randys court case we feared that Lamb of God wouldn’t give any interviews. Luckily they closed that chapter and borrowed us Mark Morton after they played in the pouring rain at Wacken. It was caught a bit short due to the interviewer being sick, but showing a lot of sympathy, Mark answered the questions.

How are you doing despite the weather?
I´m good, man. It was fun. *Laughs*
I think that kind of made it, well, at least for us.

Well, quite a lot of people remained in front of the stage and I think that goes to show that you have some hardcore fans.
I think it actually felt like it kicked off when it started raining; the energy from the crowd was more intense.

So, I heard that you´re working on a new album?
Not really, I never really start or stop, it´s not about writing, I´ve always got something I´m working on.

After all of the success of your previous albums, do you feel any pressure?
It´s always just a matter of documenting and articulating where the band is, so it´s not something you control, it´s just something you do. You just write songs and pick out the best ones you can and put that out and that´s where we are at that point of time, so there´s no need to feel pressure.

So it´s more of a natural process?
Yeah, you just try to capture where you´re at, it´s not a matter of fabricating anything.

Photo: Lamb of God

After playing with giants, like Metallica, Slayer and others, are there some bands that you haven´t played with, but want to?
Yeah, it´s actually happening. We wanted so long to play and tour with Testament and this fall were doing that in the states, so I´m really soaking that up ´cause it´s really exiting.

I see that you´re pretty untattooed, so that messes up my next question, which would have been if you have any band tattoos, like Randy?
I don´t have any tattoos. It used to be that the people who were tattooed were kind of doing their own thing, but now it seems that there´s fewer people that don´t. My wife´s covered and she doesn´t want me to get any either.

How does the life on tour work with you? There´s obviously a lot of stress involved, so how do you cope with it, is it all sex, drugs and rock ´n roll, or yoga and green tea?
Well, it can be both of those things or something in the middle. Definitely, when you live on the road, there can be extremes in your life getting further apart, its all what you make of it. You can go left you can go right, you can bounce in between.

Are there any questions that you get asked over and over, or get on your nerves?
It´s not a matter of getting on my nerves. I think there´s questions that I get asked that lead me to believe that the interviewer didn´t really do a lot of research, or wasn´t that familiar, but I´ll answer just about any question as thoughtfully as I can, even though the answer can be googled.

Photo: Lamb of God

What are the best and the worst parts of being a professional musician?
I suppose who you´re asking, but if you ask me, the best part is that I get to write, record and perform songs for people that seem to really care about them and that´s a pretty special experience, you know. Not everybody gets that and I get to write songs that I really care about and turn out to the world and a lot of people seem to come back that were reached by it and that´s a really, really special experience that I don´t take for granted at all and I appreciate it. The worst part is simply being away from my family. I have a daughter and a wife, mom, dad, brother; everybody there is really tight knit. I´m away from them for extended periods of time. Its tough, doesn´t get easy.

Are you planning on recreating your simultaneous stage diving and playing any time soon?
No, that was a one-time deal.

Now that that Chris is just starting off a side project with Protest the Hero, do you have any on your part?
No, I have some stuff floating around on the side and I´ve put is out for people to listen to, but nothing I´m actively promoting or working.

*Interviewer starts to shake and is visibly disturbed*

Are you ok, man?

Yeah, kinda, I´ve had a bit of a cold for a few days and the rain really killed me, I´m sorry that I´m not at 100%...

It´s all right, man.

I think this is a good time to end the interview, thank you very much for your time.

Photo: Lamb of God

Author: Ozzy Aikas | translation: Alexandra Venho
Date: 2013-09-27

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