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After splitting up with his former band ĄThe Crownď many fans were scared, that singer Johan Lindstrand would leave the music business forever... Sharing eleven years with a band is a long time Ė maybe too long to start a new beginning? Not for Johan. He is not that kind of person who can rest a longer time without making music. Nowadays he presents himself with a new project in his bag: One Man Army And The Undead Quartet or should we say ĄSwedens Killing Machineď? Thatís how they call the guys in Scandinavia. Itís time for them to meet the STALKER for an interview...

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Hello ďSwedens Killing MachineĒ!
Yeah Baby, thatís the case (laughs)

What kind of feeling is it for you, to identify yourself, the band, with such a title?
Well, itís amazing! For me itís a new beginning from... Hmm... Well, when we split up from my previous band The Crown... This is really like a statement. We are the band for the future. Well, you may laugh now and maybe itís like a metal cliche but itís a cool thing. And metal suppose to be cool (laughs). We are the band for the future and gonna kill all the other metal bands... (smiles)

Do you sometimes feel sorry, reflecting the past, thinking about what you have left behing, musically?
Hmm, no I donít. We had a really great time together but we wouldnít go the same way anymore. Half of the band was concentrated in doing other music styles and I was the only one left, who still wanted to continue doing the extreme stuff. So this was the best solution. Now everybody is happy and we are still friends.

Whatís the history behind this new constellation?
It was in summer 2004 and I thought about forming a new band. I sat at home with my guitar in my hand and did some riffs and really felt addicted to start something new again. So I worked for six months on new stuff and recorded a demo. So it was only me, who did the first step into the new band. After finishing the demo, I started to form the band completely. We already had some guys, who did a great job on the demo, so it was clear, that they gonna be my first choice.

So how would you regard the beginning of the new band? Are you satisfied with the development yet?
Absolutely! We exist for one year now and already have an album out! This is so great! And then this tour... Wow! Itís a really big thing when you have the opportunity to support Children Of Bodom... Itís a massive tour and everything is so well organized. You canít do anything else, than smile all the time. You canít compare this with doing a small headliner tour, which I did with my previous band. This is so much bigger and means a fucking good promotion for our album (laughs).

I guess itís the first time you present your stuff to the audience, right?
Yeah, thatís right.

So what are the reactions?
Oh, itís amazing. People havenít heard about us before but while doing the show, they are so into our music. From the very first beginning people jumping, screaming and having so much fun! This is a great thing to see...

You didnít experience bad reactions, yet?
Well, there are always some guys, who just came to see Children Of Bodom and showing you the fuck-sign but that belongs to the business... You have to handle this and focus on your performance. You are there for the people who want to see you and appreciate your music. I donít give a fuck if somebody in the audience says Ąfuck offď. Thatís shit!

How do you prepare yourself before going on stage, do you have a special

No, we are just messing around, taking a couple of beers, listening to our favourite music... Nothing special I guess (laughs).

What about your voice, do you need a kind of extra training before?
I try to warm myself up a little but itís not that easy while doing such a long tour in the middle of winter. We got from the cold into the warm but thanks god, we have a lot of pharmacy with us (laughs). But back to your question: Iím doing some strange voice training before, which sounds absolutely horrible... (laughs out loud)

Show me...
No, better not, otherwise you will quit the interview soon...

Ok (laughs). Are you nervous before going on stage?
Oh yeah! Thirty minutes before I feel fucking nervous... But when the intro starts, itís all gone. We are getting very experienced now, we have done over 30 gigs, so I mean we are doing a routine. You know the organisation itís really the same every day... But itís so cool, everybody is so friendly... We are a big family! Sometimes you get very drunk and just make a fool out of yourself but thatís a part of touring...

As you said before, you were the one who wrote the demo. So will it be the same in the future? Are you going to be the one, who will be responsible for the lyrics as well?
No, I hope not. We can split it up. Everybody in the band should take part in the song writing. We are more together than ever, so each of us has the right to give his opinion into that stuff.

Would you also grap up some political stuff into your material?
No, I donít think that this is a part of metal. I donít want to say the audience ĄDo thisď, ĄDo thatď. Thatís shit! Of course I put personal stuff into the music but I mix it with fantasy stuff but political things donít belong to our music. We are there to present some pure fucking metal!

Author: Jasmin Froghy, Photos: Melanie Haack, Samira Alinto, translation: Klaudia Weber
Date: 2006-03-03

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