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In Blackest Velvet consist of not quite unknown musicians who came together to leave a mark on the Metal scene. For a whole decade they have been expressing their conviction and their passion for Death Metal in their unique way. Reason enough for STALKER to meet singer Chris and drummer Raf for a little chat.

Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /var/customers/webs/stalker/ on line 57 First of all, please introduce the band. Who is doing what, and how did you meet?

Chris: Well, there are Micha and Pepe on guitars and Tobias on bass. Those three founded the band and are part of it since 1998. I replaced singer Damian in 1999, and Raf entertains uns with his drumming since 2005.

How about the name In Blackest Velvet? Has it a special meaning for you?

Chris: I was not part of the naming, but I know that there is not so much behind that.

Your last album was named INSUISIGHT, what did you try to say with that? What does it mean, what is the story behind that?

Chris: This is just a combination of „Inside“, „Sight“ and „Suicide“. After having some beers we were looking for a good name for this MCD gesucht, and this was the result. There is no deeper meaning behint it.

Are you looking forward to playing live, and what do you expect from gigs?

Raf: Fun is the main ingredient. Otherwise the whole thing would not make sense. We always have high musical expectations for our shows, therefore we always try to give our best and work as hard as we can on our music.

Chris: Fun is very important for a show. If we are really angry about the sound or other circumstances, it has negative influence on the audience.

What is the best thing for you playing live?

Raf: When there are cheerz after our songs, the world seems to be fine!

Chris: I think, too, that audience reacton is very important. If the audience is great you stop being so self critical to analyse every mistake.

Is there a special event with the band that you never forget?

Raf: Despite being in the band for just a year there were plenty of remarkable moments that I will love to remember at day X.

You all have other projects besides In Blackest Velvet, tell us a little bit about that.

Raf: I am glad to have the opportunity to play with In Blackest Velvet and also with the band Absence. Both havesomething special, both in terms of the members´ personality and the music. And I would not want to miss any of those. I am curious, what the year 2007 will bring for both bands. And there is another project in the process of development, involving members of both bands.

Back to IBV, which goals do you have this year?

Raf: I think writing new material should be in first place. Everything else will follow when the new stuff will appeal.
Chris: Yes, rehearsing new material and put it on a CD, this is the goal.

You have been in business for some years, did you notice any changes in the scene in comparison to your early days?

Chris: Nowadays there is a concert overflow. 10 – 12 years ago even in a small youth center you had about 150 or more customers. Today it is not unusual if you have just 15 people in front of the stage because there is another concert just around the corner.

How do you assess the development of your band?

Chris: We listened a lot to Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Sentenced and naturally At The Gates back then. Our early songs and our debut album clearly show those influences. In the meantime we have our own style and refine it constantly, which is illustrated by our recent demo „InSuiSight“. We think that we have achieved our unique way of songwriting and therefore can be distinguished from the huge number of Underground bands.

Who is responsible for your sound, do you write songs together or is only one person doing it?

Raf: The main song writer is Michael, he presents the songs in the rehearsal room. And there we do the detail work with the whole band.

It has been a while since your last release, so when is the new one coming out, and can you tell us something about that already?

Raf: As we needed such a long time to apply for a gig in 2006 the live-presentation for our demo Insuisight happened very late. For us it made more sense to play the demo songs live at various concerts before beginning to writhe new material. We have started with that already, yet we cannot say anything yet, how much time it will take to release a new CD. We hope to have it done this year. I think that also depends on the work of the individual band members.

You have a final statement for your fans?

Chris: First thank you for this interview! And to the readers: Check out or come to see our shows. Or both.
Author: Sandy Mahrer, photos IBV, transl. K. Weber
Date: 2007-04-26

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