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Angel Blake

Titel / Title The Descended 
Label Dynamic Arts 
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Saying it right away, I think that Angel Blake are one of the hottest acts that the Finnish label Dynamic Arts has snatched off the market. The guys are living in Sweden, yet some of the names suggest connections to Finland, like Band-Mastermind and Ex-The Crown guitarist Marko Tervonen.

The second Angel Blake album “The Descended” requires some time to lift off – the first two tracks, actually – but then it´s like just Metal Anthem Evergreens, one after the other, so fucking heavy but still so melodic – exactly what Scandinavian Metal stands for. Absolutely great! Tobias Jansson, the new singer, was certainly a good choice, his rough but still emotional rock voice reminds a bit of Sentenced. Or of Judas Priest, like the grooving track “When All The Lights Are Out”. Summing up, this is Scandinavian Metal at it´s best – buy it!

Klaudia Weber

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