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Titel / Title The Bliss 
Label Armageddon Music 
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Meanwhile the Nu-Metal in commercial respects is dieing out, and in the Charts are only Teenage-Emo-Rockbands who rebel against their parents, there are still bands who do their own thing and who give a shit about style stigmatisation. The potuguese band “Anger” is doing this since 1994.

On “The Bliss” there is singing as much as screaming, the riffs are shallow but the groove is there. And a few industrial elements, so that they are permitted to feel “special”. No, it isn’t that bad, because you cannot deny a certain independency. “Another Game” for instance hasn’t much to do with the Nu-Metal stereo type of wild screaming and a soft chorus. It sounds more like a solid, modern metal sound which could be on a newer Anthrax release. Or “Say” with amplified Sythesizer-Sounds and the more quiet feeling in the verses.

This record isn’t really striking. No, thatfor the tracks are too beaten and the limits have been determined unconsciously. By all prais for the consequent development of their musical ideas – Anger still reminds of a artificial genre that woke in many people lots of antipathy by the first appearance. Not because of the name Nu-Metal which wasn’t that established those days. Because of the reason that a lot of native bands don’t dare enough.

Anger is playing technically competent, play just their music. But in a driven to death genre like this one ,that is not enough. Creativity didn’t got lost on the way – it rather got pulled along in each song, without being spread.

Sebastian ´Roadie` Sonnak

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