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When talking about live releases, I always think about the purpose and the relevance first. In this case, I don´t see the point of releasing another live record because the last “normal” live album, “Act I”, is only three years old (last year´s “The Beauty and the Beat” is excluded as it features a different kind of music). A bonus of that release was exactly the show which is now re-used for this new release. In addition, roughly 70% of the songs are the same on both releases.

But let us talk about the quality. First of all, the sound is good, powerful and majestic. The video quality in turn is average, not even close to HD. Even more disappointing is the cut and the camera work. The gigantic crowd is not captured in its entirety, instead obsolete parts like arms and cell phones are being shown. All protagonists of the evening have enough screen time but the field of view is sometimes quite strange. So, the fun of watching is definitely reduced.

Conclusion: “Luna Park Ride” is not a bad release but it is far away from being a reference. It is upgraded by its bonus disc, containing 70 minutes of festival footage in nice quality. Those of you, who own “Act I” can easily skip this one. Everyone else can buy it without hesitation - although I have to say that the audio only releases should suffice.

Timo Päßler

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