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A Life Divided

Titel / Title Human 
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12 years of band history and, in April, A Life Divided´s 5th album hit record stores worldwide. The band shows that you do not necessarily need to re-invent a working wheel – but if that´s a the road to success, we need to see, or better: hear.

“Burst” is the album´s first track and a really promising start. A versatile and catchy song with heavy guitars and a bit of electronic sounds; plus, vocals that stay in your mind. Overall, the band clearly managed to create a catchy tune that you can also easily sing along to!

Sadly, it does not continue along that line – already with “Own mistake” the album flattens and just seems to float along. The song is lacking some edginess, something that will make you remember it later. But there´s nothing of it in here; not only the vocals are uniform and monotonous, the same is true for the melody of the song.

With “Drive” , the band has written a solid song but it´s also one without any kind of wow-effect. You can hear the same electronic melody in the background, combined with guitar and drums and – as in most of the songs – not clear but slightly distorted singing. If you listen to the album in one go, you wonder whether this is a new song one whether it´s just one long piece of music.

It´s getting a bit better thanks to “Live Forever” - the song shows some character, it has a bit of a different sound that comes across somewhat mystic and it even works here and there. The verses are really great but the chorus cannot keep up with the great sound and puts the listener into a totally different mood and atmosphere. Listening to those harsh changes is no pleasure, really, but at least, you will remember it.

The end of the album is a “Happy End” . Electronic sounds lead you into this track, and in the background you immediately find that typical melody that has been the entire album´s leitmotif. Vocalwise, it´s a solid performance but nothing more than that.

This album clearly is no re-invention of the wheel – and that´s something negative in this case. The songs sound like they´re one and as if they are all being merged – there are hardly any songs that stand out or offer something you´d like to listen to closer. If you buy this album, you buy something solid – you know, what you get, but it´s all very predictable.

Tips: Burst // Live Forever // Happy End

Carina Ullmann

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