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Titel / Title Purgatory 
Label AFM 
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Although this is Borealis´ 3rd album already, they are still quite unknown in the scene, at least in Europe. The reason might be their home country, Canada, which is not exactly the mecca for Heavy Metal bands.

After listening to “Purgatory” multiple times, I am sure that this circumstance will change soon. This is not only because of their new, strong label; it is also because of the album´s content. The five guys from Ontario do (almost) everything right: The songs are arranged in versatile manner and have nice dynamics, concerning speed and intensity. And also the single instruments are great: The rhythm guitars show lots of variety, as do the drums, featuring some great, untypical patterns. Lead guitars are actually quite rare, but when they occur, they always benefit the song. The compositions are supported by some orchestral parts, which are, however, never over-the-top. In addition, there is Matt Marinelli´s voice, which is a bit rough and makes the sound unique. If you would like to hear all the different facets of Borealis in one song, check out “Welcome to Eternity”!

So is everything is fine? Most of it is, yes, but the album does not work completely. The problem is that nothing remains in my mind, not even the choruses. I did not even identify a single chorus - and that after 6 times listening to the entire album. The music, hence, is short of any real highlight. Please change that, guys, and you will get two points more next time!

Timo Päßler

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