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Land / Country FIN 
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Datum / Date9.8.2010 
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Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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Outside trees were shattered and shaken (the aftermath of a stormy weekend, see our Sonisphere Festival report among the specials), inside the club the atmosphere was set for chill-out. And it might have been the weather that not so many people dared to go outside and to Alakerta, but the lack of quantity in terms of people was compensated by quality – good mood and lotsa cheers.

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Even though the band name might suggest that, musically Jukka Paajanen (voc, git) Henrikki Tiainen (keys), Miika Osamitsu (git), Janne Nissilä (bass) and Juha Koivisto (drums) aren´t Underdogs at all but indeed worth to be listened to. Beautiful tunes and a rather keyboard-based sound makes you think of Kent, Coldplay and occasionally Muse. Another plus of the band (that was founded 10 years ago and played e.g. in Tokyo and at Helldone Festival) is their appealing charisma, besides Jukka´s versatile voice.

A bit more punch follows with Dead By You who definitely had the sound man break a sweat, because they have a cellist ( Elias Kahila) in their band-line up. Sure, since Apocalyptica also Metal fans appreciate the warm powerful tone of this instrument, and also in combination with Jan-Peter Saarimäki (voc), Arttu Ruotsalainen (git), Jokke Pulkkinen (bass) and Mikko Hänninen (drums) this cello sounded pretty cool.

More photos in the gallery, link in the header!
The band was founded 2006 in Jyväskylä and is about to release their debut album in October, produced by Johnny Lee Michaels. Fans of emotional music that unites elements of Rock / Hardrock / Emo and occasionally even Metal or Rockabilly should indeed have an eye (and ear) on this one. Their best known track Waterfalls, which made it to the final of Radio Rock Starba Contest, is perhaps a bit too smooth and compliant for my taste, but the otherwise edgier song material convinces. And also their passionate performance lead by vocalist Jan-Peter. In brief, a superb first impression, and we are anxious for more!

The New Day Breaks
Rolling Into The Outer Space
Miracle Of The Sun
Soul Divine
Running Away From The Sun

Setlist DEAD BY YOU:
1. Firefly
2. Waterfalls
3. Love
4. Run Baby
5. Superman
6. Queen Of The Night
7. Tonight
8. Romeo
9. Will I Ever
10. City´s Toy

Klaudia Weber

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