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A Million Miles

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Embankment Party 
Datum / Date4.9.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery miles_gallery 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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Sunset ... and the sheep nibble the grass...

At the dike - "on the Peute" in Veddel, in the south of Hamburg - a blue sky reflects in the cymbals of the drums which belongs to the equipment of the band A Million Miles .

"Stoner metal" calls the group their sound. For weeks, announced recently postponed due to heavy rainfall spoil, now a starry night welcomes the "Free + Outdoor / Embankment-Party" with three Hamburg chapels A Million Miles, Balboa and CroFab .

It became damned cold; Brooklyn-style fire tonnes were set up; and rubbed the A Million Miles guitarist the stiffening fingers, but shortly afterwards - when there were about three dozen native Veddeler people arrived - on six strings could heat up again. The audience sat comfortable in the grass of the dike and on three armchairs, while Mona - lead singer of A Million Miles - hard blocks their bronchi.

There are not so many straightforward, direct, honest and strong female metal singers "on the market". Mostly women appear in the scene in duo-pack with male singers, whose angry growls they answer with clear, melodic singing. Some say even strictly no to women in the metal scene, except they lure in sexy outfits and show their delicious appearance, in which shall serve the musical side as a decorative addition.

Mona started with furious heat, and together with the straight rockin 'band there was no space for a sweetness or a rest. The audience at the dike enjoyed the beer at 1 and brought grills and celebrated more quietly, less ecstatic, more welcoming attitude. A Million Miles midst of it served a great cover of "Green Machine (Kyuss).

With the band it's cool to celebrate - the impression was the Veddeler in memory. Me too, while I strolled on the bank back home; the sheeps still chewed frozen in the night their grass, and for health reasons I let the the following two bands without my presence blow the foam from the brain.

More photos above in the gallery!

Andreas Torneberg

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