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A Million Miles, Dad Maria, Casket

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date28 / 05 / 2011 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Metalmania_gallery 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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Hamburg, Prinzenbar - in a club in which normally quiet tunes are connected with cozy seating areas and the morbid-special atmosphere of a Baroque catacomb, something happened that had never been before there: thick, nasty metal should beaten around the ears of the audience.

First up was the band Casket which with thunder-like drums/bass/guitar-projectiles shot the mortar from the ceiling. The cute cherubs on the walls started to shiver about the evil growls. Musically brutal, but not necessarily surprising or the facets of metal really expanding the trio served up a massive Death Metal Hardcore, but somehow it was still too early, too little beer has flowed, were too little slammed extreme headbangers inside. In you can find examples.

The following Dad Maria braught already optically some light in the darkness of the dimmed venue with colourful illuminated electronics and drums. The keyboard at the front of the stage made it clear that acoustically there were electronic components to expect in addition to the noise generated strings tools. Dad Maria had already a few days before successfully joined at the Hamburg "Local Heroes" contest and now here in the Prinzenbar they generated again a musically exciting, and by the appearance fun, dynamic show. Anyone who wants can listen at what kind of sound the four boys from Hamburg drive. Cool ware.

As the third member of the so-titled "Metalmania"-show - by the way represented by Stalker magazine and the Oxmox - A Million Miles let fireworks from Stoner Metal explode with their growling and vocally heavy rocking female singer Mona. Who might feel happy in the area between Death Metal and Grunge may likewise feel well inside of the powerful music of this band. The web address to check can be found above this article in the header. Up there you can also find a link to more photos from the event.

Andreas Torneberg

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