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Darkness, The

Stadt / City Berlin 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date22 Mar 2006 
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The Brits have always made it with their original special humour. Just think and laugh about the „Carry On“ movie-series, later the whole world laughed about The Darkness. But now it´s their turn to laugh about their million record sales; their Glam Rock with falsetto voice in unbelievable heights still attracts a lot of fans.

Another aspect of their humour The Darkness displayed on tour for their current album „One Ticket To Hell And Back", because which band with a brain has a headliner tour just after two albums (that were pretty successful, though) without opening act and a 90 minutes playing time including just one encore, and ticket costs about 20 euros. The audience proved to have humour, too, and reacted enthusiastically to Justin and Dan Hawkins, new bass player Richie Edwards and drummer Ed Graham. And with good reason, because sometimes quality exceeds quantity.

A bagpipe intro set off the spectacle and The Darkness didn´t hesitate and fired off the actual CD title track and several Glam grenades. Guitar player Dan, who usually stood with his Gibson and tight black Jeans in front of the amplifier walls, delivered massive riffs to which brother Justin, who obviously gained some weight, added his melodic and technically sophisticated guitar leads and, of course, his extroverted vocals.

Naturally with only two albums out, The Darkness have to play practically every song of them to fill a headliner program. Therefore all the diamonds from the new album were played, and also „Permission To Land" got quite complete coverage. In addition Justin & Co. referred to their big idols AC/DC several times, either with quotations or by full cover versions of
„Highway To Hell" and „Thunderstruck" with bass player Richie Edwards doing the vocals.

What hit the eye were the bright guitar colours and Justin´s weird outfits that glittered like his instruments and were quite tight, so they had to be changed very often, which lead to a lack of communication with the audience – almost no communication. But the Brits laughed a lot on stage and seemed to enjoy their stuff so nobody could suspect that this tour´s purpose would be mainly making money.

They rather communicated non-verbally, by lascivious pelvis movements, tea-pot posture, waving arms – so the front man entertained the Berlin audience without talking. The ballads added emotional touch, when Justin played keyboards and acoustic guitars were put on stage. After 90 minutes the show ended with „I Believe In A Thing Called Love" and the excellent „Bald", during which Justin did crowd surfing yet totally cool never stopped playing his guitar part. The Darkness received the cheers like rock stars, and they really are without doubt. Towels, plectrums and drumsticks flew into the audience, and nobody complained that they neither had two hours playing time nor an opener.

Ingo Gießmann, translation: Klaudia Weber

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