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Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date27 Mar 2005 
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Just in time with the concert start a thunderstorm right above Hamburg poured down heavy rain and turned visitors´ clothes into wetsuits. When die openers Asmodeus from Austria entered stage, only about 50 people were there. Partly because of the weather, another reason was the Fear Factory show in Hamburg at the same time, partly because it already started at 19:30h and because five bands in one show indicate a real long evening.

The trio Asmodeus offered an immature and ridiculous spectacle that you didn´t really have to see. With only three fans there who tried to encourage the audience, the band seemed glad that this half hour show, the playing time for all the bands except Dark Funeral, was over.

When it was Amoral´s turn the Fabrik was already half full and the feeling much better. The Finns didn´t disappoint expectations and offered half an hour of melodic Metal with lots of variations, despite some sound problems it was a good show. It was funny to watch the drummer who was the only one in the band who hardly moved and thus didn´t sweat at all. I have never seen a drummer who played so well but so also so emotionless and stiff!

The audience enjoyed the show but still kept quiet and a distance to the stage. Therefore the guitar player took off into the crowd during a song. Cool!

People in Endstille-Shirts squeezed to the front stage when Endstille began their half hour. I had already seen Endstille live at Summerbreeze Festival, and it might have been the daylight that I didn´t really enjoy the band. Here in Fabrik club green and red light effects added to the atmosphere and the songs seemed to be better. Singer Ilbis´ voice didn´t really stick out due to sound problems but nobody cared, because now it was banging-moshing-time practically everywhere which drove photographers crazy. Even the so very cool front man – accidentally – smiled in between rough statements and fuck-offs. And a comparison between the drummers of Amoral and Endstille made you smile, too, because the latter gave physically everything he had. You would wish to see them both playing the same song at the same time... this half hour was over way too soon, and also people shouting for more could not change that.

Naglfar managed to keep that level although there was not much action on stage, but as a Naglfar Fan you got used to it. Apart from their minimal show the Swedes fulfilled all expectations and had also the back rows bang their heads. I enjoyed the fact that the set included old songs like „Blades“ and new stuff like „Spoken Words Of Venom“. For my part the band, obviously quite satisfied with their show, could have played longer, but now it was time for the other Swedes and headliners who were allowed to play an hour.

Dark Funeral took no prisoners and front man Emperor Magus Caligula and his band, with an additional bass player, had their satanic song-fireworks go off. Also their set covered the whole band history, and although I hardly ever understand the lyrics – he could quote from a cook book – there were people in the audience growling louder than Dark Funeral´s singer. During the show the singer – as usual – hardly ever moved. Ahriman could actually have been glued to the microphone, but I had liked to see some more action.

When the Swedes took off after an hour, finally the screams for more found open ears, and almost another half hour of brutal sound was added. But then also the audience was exhausted and quite satisfied returned to the – now fortunately calm – open air. And I bet nobody regretted his/her choice to see this package instead of Fear Factory.

Samira Alinto, translation: Klaudia Weber

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