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Finnish Dark Metallers BEFORE THE DAWN give an impression of studio work in this clip "Deathstar" . The new album they are working on here just came out: "Deathstar Rising".

Mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen tells more about it here and

Before The Dawn: Pitch-Black Universe
"Pitch-Black Universe" is the official video taken from BEFORE THE DAWN´s brand new album "Rise Of The Phoenix" -
click here

Band-mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen:
"All "fire effects" were done with real fire :). Got 2nd degree burn into my hand but the guitar survived a lot better. some minor traces left but it was already black :)"

Directed and edited by OneManArmy Productions,
Camera and light: Valtteri Hirvonen,
Assistant: Eetu Pesu

Stay updated at: www.beforethedawn.com | www.facebook.com/beforethedawn | www.nuclearblast.de/beforethedawn

Black Light Discipline
The official music video for Walls Inside Us by Black Light Discipline, from the new album "Against each other".

The fugitive: Winston Spennert
Guards: Unto Ikkala, Jukka Tarvainen, Miika Laurila, Lauri Kortesoja, Jyri Tuominen
Dying prisoner: Matti Pääkkönen
Prisoners: Tommi Kankkunen, Emilia Kinnunen, Kathrin Deter, Jasse Lipsanen, Vili Halonen, Jukka Koponen, Maycé Mustonen, Arsi Moksén, Tuomas Kolehmainen, Tuomas Kirkkopelto
and Black Light Discipline: Toni Valha – vocals, Janne Kankkunen – synths, Joonas Pulkkinen– guitar, Veikka Jokela – drums, Jani Rissanen - bass

Director, editor + colorist: Jesse Jokela
Director of Photography: Toni Haaranen
Production manager: Miikka Haleyi
Vfx Artist: Juha Jokinen
Planet images by: Arve Sellesbakk

Thanks: Charlie Harjulin, Suvilahti / Teemu Nurminen, Yellow Film & TV, Ulla Junell, David Fulde, Mörkövalo, Angel Films, Varusteleka

Black Light Discipline - Tides
“Walls Inside Us” is the new single by BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE featuring also Karoliina Kallio from Waldo´s People. From their first full-time CD "Empire" you can watch the video "Tides" official here . The new album should be ready soon.

On the band website www.bld.fi you can follow the process via blogs and studio diary clips, e.g. drumming session (Quick-Time-Video).

BLACK SUN AEON - video interview
STALKER.cd and STALKERMUSIC.com cooperate so that we can have an even more intense focus on the scene in Finland!
As a foretaste of the upcoming fruits of our collaboration, we present you a
video interview with BLACK SUN AEON (click here).

Stalkermusic reporter Mikko Reinamo visited the studio during the final recording sessions of the "Routa" double album in January 2010, where band mastermind Tuomas "One Man Army" Saukkonen merrily tells it all... (the interview is in English language). Have fun watching!

Bandwebsite: http://www.blacksunaeon.com/

Time: 10:00 min
Cameras: Joona Mielonen, Juha-Matti Orpana, Mikko Reinamo
Editor: Markus Rask

copyright by stalkermusic.com


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