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Divine Heresy: Don´t talk too much!
Legendary ex-Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares seems to be back on track again with his new ear-shattering band unit Divine Heresy, consisting of Dino himself, of course, highly praised drummer Tim Yeung (of Vital Remains and Hate Eternal fame) and new vocal powerhouse Tommy Vext. In a very relaxed atmosphere at the Roadrunner office Tommy gave some insight on what the Divine Heretics are all about, and comment on their debut album “Bleed The Fifth” that will be out by end of this month! >> more/mehr

Domenica: Blond, hot Rock`n´Roll
Domenica comes from the heart (of Canada) and is moved by an sexy engine called Bekki Friesen, who sings, plays guitar, writes the songs and rocks. On tour over all of the world, we met Bekki in Hamburg, Germany, to find out what is behind their new debut album "The Luxury" and their personal backgrounds.
>> more/mehr

Don Fernando: The desert rocks again
Australians newest export Don Fernando would like to serve their banquet in Brazil or Berlin for those, whose ears are sharp like knifes to cut the sound in eatable slices. Andy Simpson – the man who offers the vocal and string dishes – is ready to answer our questions. >> more/mehr

Donots: Pure Punk at heart
The DONOTS are back! The new album shows clearly that this German band around singer Ingo has left the usual Rock path. The band sounds more mature, the songs on „The Long Way Home“ tend to sound much more like Punk Rock than ever, and the consequent realization of it all is remarkable. A good reason to snatch guitarist Guido before the DONOTS concert in Munich for a little chat... >> more/mehr

Dope Stars Inc.: Earning girls instead of a living
The Dope Stars were among the most awaited appearances of the entire Trashfest in Helsinki during 18-19th of April. Oh my God, if only I could transcribe this interview with the Italian accent and all the gestures! Jealous tongues were saying that this band owes all of its success to Grace Khold and now that he left, Dope Stars´ days have passed. One keyboarder´s departure happened a long time ago and the band is as cheerful, as happy and as sexy as ever, touring, recording, collecting girls´ hearts and contaminating STALKER with all this hot Latin positivity! >> more/mehr


Axemaster: Overture for more to come
One of those bands with a long history: Axemaster was formed in 1985, rocking the scene with classic >> more/mehr
Fresh Act July / August
When living in Finland, it is difficult to ignore the simple fact that this country is the world´s number >> more/mehr
Tuska Open Air 2015
Just when it seemed certain that the summer of 2015 was a hopeless case, along came Tuska and brought the good weather with ... more/mehr 2015-07-07
CD: Powerwolf
Two years after their no 1 hit album “Preachers of the Night” (at least in Germany), Powerwolf release their new album “Blessed ... more/mehr 2015-08-03
CONCERT: Faith No More
The comeback of the legendary crossover band Faith No More was one of the remarkable recent news on music heaven. ... more/mehr 2015-06-24
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