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Helloween: Experience pays off
Some years ago hardly anybody would have believed that HELLOWEEN could release such a great album like their brand new „7 Sinners“. In a few days their extensive Europe tour takes off (see STALKER tourdates). A good reason to have a little chat with band leader Markus Grosskopf. >> more/mehr

Helloween: Saviours in Ballet tutus
Simultaneously with the new live CD Helloween release this time also a live DVD – the first in the band´s history. And for this purpose they could not choose a better scenario than their long tour for „Keeper Of The Seven Keys – The Legacy“: Three concerts on three continents! Sofia, Bulgaria for Europe; Tokio, Japan, for Asia and Sao Paulo, Brasil, for South America. A fantastic spectacle, a great idea and reason enough for STALKER to grab bass player Markus Grosskopf and ask what else we can expect from Helloween... >> more/mehr

Helloween: Happy again!
Helloween have been consistent in releasing high-quality albums in the last years, and also the new one "Straight out of Hell" is no exception. A good reason to have a short talk with singer Andi Deris, who calls with one day delay because of a cancelled flight into his new homeland Teneriffa. >> more/mehr

Helltrain: A little bit wiser
The North of Sweden, or better Luleå, has a bit more to offer than the biggest church north of Uppsala or Gammelstad (the old city center), which is part of World Cultural Heritage. Not far from the Arctic circle you find bands dedicated to Rock Musik like Helltrain, who recently released their third album „Death is coming“ on their own initiative. Band-Allrounder Patrik Tönkvist tells us more about Helltrain and the positive sides of losing a record deal. >> more/mehr

HIM - immortal songs have butterfly wings | Part 1 of the HIM - Interview
Since HIM climb the charts also at the other side of the ocean, it is no longer that easy to win Mastermind Ville Valo for an extensive interview. With the STALKER the pretty Finn chats about musician´s every-day-routines, reveals his future plans and sinister secrets. Here a few of his remarks concerning the new album „Dark Light“as appetizer for the next STALKER. Unfortunately we still can´t tell you when the next issue will be in stores. >> more/mehr


Axemaster: Overture for more to come
One of those bands with a long history: Axemaster was formed in 1985, rocking the scene with classic >> more/mehr
Fresh Act July / August
When living in Finland, it is difficult to ignore the simple fact that this country is the world´s number >> more/mehr
Tuska Open Air 2015
Just when it seemed certain that the summer of 2015 was a hopeless case, along came Tuska and brought the good weather with ... more/mehr 2015-07-07
CD: Powerwolf
Two years after their no 1 hit album “Preachers of the Night” (at least in Germany), Powerwolf release their new album “Blessed ... more/mehr 2015-08-03
CONCERT: Faith No More
The comeback of the legendary crossover band Faith No More was one of the remarkable recent news on music heaven. ... more/mehr 2015-06-24
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