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Titel / Title Zwischen Asgard und Midgard 
Label Einheit Produktionen 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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You get exactly what you expect to purchase. German Black/Viking Metal, yet it doesn´t even come near to the best Scandinavian bands of the same Genre. But when you compare this band with other German Pagan Metal acts, it looks much better.

Thrudvangar plays melodic Black Metal with Folk/Viking influences. The vocals are nice, the guitar melodies rather boring and the drum part such ear candy that it becomes annoying. A bit more variety would have been good for this CD, and you have to wonder how the others were, if this is indeed the band´s third CD. The keyboard could have been more diverse, too, if you really needed it at all. Alltogether the CD is not totally bad, there´s some good aspect, which is the atmosphere of this CD which is sinister and carries you along.

Pia Sundström, transl. K.Weber

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