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Punk in England

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Label E-M-S New Media AG 
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90 min + 40 min 
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In 1980, three years after his documentary „Punk in London“ director Wolfgang Büld returned to England to take a closer look at the musical developments of the post punk era. Punk had spawned new musical genres like ska and new wave and thus the title of the DVD appears to be a little misleading and should have rather been something like “Rock Music in England”. In the 1-hour documentary the survivors of punk Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats), The Jam, The Clash and Madness amongst others have their say and explain how the musical changes have happened. The by far biggest part of this film is, however, reserved for live clips of the bands, which are, compared to “Punk in London”, of much better quality and can even offer several camera perspectives. Because of this rather professional approach the “right-in-the-middle” feeling is somehow lost and in the end you only get an “ordinary” documentary about a musical era.

As a second main feature there’s a 35-minute documentary about „Women in Rock“, in which, amongst others, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Girlschool und The Slits speak about the topic. Also here there’s a lot of live material of the bands.

As a bonus feature there’s once again, like on the predecessor “Punk in London”, an interview with the director, in which, with beers and fags, a retrospective look at the filming of the documentary is taken. This interview is, however, absolutely unprofessionally done and therefore of no entertainment value.

All in all interesting but nothing really special.

Kathleen Gransalke

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