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Burden of Truth-Tour: Circle II Circle | Savage Circus | Tomorrow´s Eve| Tempesta

Stadt / City Adelsheim 
Land / Country Germany 
Live Factory 
Datum / Date9. April 2007 
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Can such a gig be fun? On Easter Monday Tempesta, Tomorrow´s Eve, Savage Circus and Circle II Circle had to deal with difficult conditions at Adelsheim Live Factory.

Already the beginning was delayed because of technical problems. At least with this delayed beginning there was still some hope for more people who would find their way to the Live Factory. The question came up, where all the fans of good Melodic Metal had been. Still in search of Easter eggs?

When Tempesta played up, there was only empty space in front of the stage. Although the four Swiss tried to rock, even though the announcements sometimes sounded a little uninspired. The only reply to the question “Does anyone know Tempesta?”, came from the friendly guy on the mixer.... they played accurately and with force. Bit by bit 10 to 20 metalheads dared to come to the front. However, the sound was loud enough for the whole region and the bass boomed brutally loud; even for hardened listeners.

Tomorrow´s Eve didn´t find more audience in front of the stage. “One could think metalheads were a dying out species”, said one concert visitor. “And one could think dying out serves them right”, added another one. Possibly because there were no vibes, although Tempesta also did a good job. Forcefully they dashed there progressive Melodic Metal into the hall, even though Benedikt, an alternate, played the bass, because Chriss Doerr had tendosynovitis.

All the people who did not suffer a hearing damage yet, did look forward to hear Savage Circus. It became immediately clear that there were old professionals on stage and in front of it the crowd increased to 30 or 40 people. But ex-Guardian drummer Thomen Strauch is certainly used to a different scenery. Stage diving would still have been like suicide. At least the audience woke up; songs like “Between the devil and the seas” provoked headbanging. During the ballad “Beyond Reality” the “invisible keyboardplayer” had work to do, and also to vocalist Jens Carlsson, whose voice appeared very well on this song. Respectable show!

But Circle II Circle was the well-deserved top act of this evening. Completely untouched by the fact that the audience was so scanty, they presented themselves as well-rehearsed team. They impressed the crowd with playful perfection, clear sound and admirable stage presence. The audience was thankful: Circle II Circle came out to be the first band of that evening who made it to gather all widespread metalheads in front of the stage and to make them bang their heads and sing along.

They started the set with many songs of the newest album “Burden of Truth” like the title track or “Your reality”. But also “songs of the older days” weren´t missing, what included a Savatage song. Finally there were vibes and the Americans proved how important there fans are for them. Because of the good vibes they played some more songs then were planed and played even some additions. A convincing performance!

Aziza Schwenke

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