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Thunderstone | Machine Men | Twilightning

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country Finnland 
Datum / Date24.03.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Thunderst_2007 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 

The first Thunderstone-gig after release of their new album “Evolution 4.0” in Helsinki, and their second place in the Finnish Eurovision preliminary, therefore a lot of people had gathered in Tavastia, many old and new fans. And also the opening acts of that evening were quite well-known.

This young dynamic band from Finland excited the audience from the first moment. Their Metal was played brilliantly, and the charismatic blonde singer also convinced with his vocal performance. I was positively surprised by catchy songs like “Swinelord”, “Vice Jesus” and “Isolation Shell”. The guys also had a great show with a lot of fun on stage, entertaining the club audience, too. After 40 minutes everything was over, but I can definitely recommend this band.

Machine Men
This band consists of Antony, J-V, Jani, Eero and Jarno, and all of them are really cute guys who express a lot of power and top-quality. Who could resist this band? Their Melodic Metal should be well known since the new album came out, and their songs are real ear candy. A powerful sound, excellent performance and a brilliant vocalist – when they played “Circus of Fools” the whole club was shaking, everybody jumped like kangaroos, and some even tried stage diving. Singer Antony had to take care not to be torn to pieces by enthusiastic girls. A real good gig.

The pause was way too long, and before Thunderstone appeared on stage a big part of the audience had already had too much... the opening song was the excellent new hymn “Forevermore”, and Pasi Rantanen sang like a god, as always. This band will never disappoint you, and it does not matter how often you see them live, it will always be something special. This time the sound was not perfect, drums too loud and keyboard not loud enough, but still it rocked. Hits like “Sailing”, “Virus” and “Tools of the Devil” simply swept you off your feet. Unfortunately many people in the audience could no longer respond and lift the spirits higher. Mirka´s drum solo seemed to wake up some of them, but suddenly bottles were thrown and there was a struggle in front of the stage which felt unpleasant. Strange, I have never seen Finns misbehave like this, usually they are very disciplined at concerts. Yet this was the only thing to complain about, a cool show with great music.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber

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