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Circle II Circle | Savage Circus | Tomorrow`s Eve | Tempesta

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country Schweiz 
Datum / Date10.04.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery CircleIICircle_2007 
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The US American Zachary Stevens had been to this Swiss club for the fifth time in three years, and so it could only be great. He and his guys are always welcome, and I am sure that many fans remember those good old days with Zak still singing for Savatage and Thomen Stauch (Savage Circus) drumming for Blind Guardian...

This Swiss band played good old Hardrock with “Yeah” effect. Front man Reto wore a cowboy hat and entertained the audience, his vocal qualities were remarkable, too. The whole sound reminded somehow of Country Rock or even Hillbilly which made it quite special. The main focus was material from their new album “Fulltime Joker”, they rocked, had a lot of fun and lifted the spirits, exactly as it should be.

Tomorrow`s Eve
Those five though Germans confronted us with their hard Progressive Metal. And it rocked, with very brutal guitar riffs and dominant expressive vocals. Their substitute bass player never failed although he just had had two weeks to learn all the songs. This was the perfect headbanging sound, only the pain in your neck made you stop. Everybody who is into real heavy sound should check out the new album of this band, „Mirror of Creation 2- Genesis II“.

Savage Circus
The former Blind Guardian drummer Thomen Stauch founded this band, and influences of his time back then are pretty obvious also in this ensemble; therefore Blind Guardian fans should be able to enjoy Savage Circus, too. Their Metal was performed perfectly: very catchy guitar riffs, nice keyboard melodies, rough bass and heavy drumming plus a voice that sounded quite nice. Their new songs from the “Dreamland Manor” album invited to sing along and bang your head.

Circle II Circle
The US gods of Heavy Metal, or something, but certainly they have a godlike singer. Zachary Stevens, the former Savatage-voice, displays a special personality. When he is on stage he is in his element, you can feel his energy and a certain weirdness that might be rooted in perfectionism and ingenuity. A very impressive person with an even more impressive voice. It is always a pleasure to watch Zak and his guys perform, only this time one of the guitar players seemed to be somehow in Nirvana. They presented their songs from the new album “Burden of Truth” perfectly, and naturally they added some old Savatage songs for their fans. Well, I guess they just have to do that, and it will remain like this as long as Circle II Circle exists. A great show, but unfortunately in front of only 300 people.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber

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