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Contracrash / Mind Of Doll

Stadt / City Heidelberg 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date11.04.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery CC,MOD_2009 
Photos: Markus Seibel 
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Why are on a Saturday evening only 30 people in the Schwimmbad-Club( a nice location with a lot of bars and good sound) to enjoy two newcomers? Are the bands too unknown with their latest records or is it because of the expensive entrance fee? I do not know, but the live quality of both bands has surely nothing to do with it. The Finnish MIND OF DOLL as well as the German CONTRACRASH gave their best.

Mind Of Doll started a little bit late. The Glam Rock made the audiences eyes wide open for the first minutes. It seems to me some people did not know how the band would sound. The grooving guitars and the voice fit to this evening quite well. According to audience reactions I was obviously not the only one with that opinion. The band had a lot of fun and gave hell of a gig. They did not show any disappointment about the few people there and played a tight set. With some confident comments between the songs they raised the mood from the very beginning of the show. The German- language skills of singer Visa Heionen (photo above) were quite amusing. The pronunciation was sometimes very funny but it is nice to see, how a Finnish singer tries to get in contact with the audience. At the end of the regular show some “Die Hard”- Fans wanted them to play one more. So the visibly affected band came back again to play one last song. Great gig, great band. (

Setlist Mind Of Doll:

marks on my face
bad habits
never rising
lack of change
miss. pretty
sick girl sad case
no alibi
single malt
pickin up scum

punk and belligerent

Contracrash is a band I did not know before they entered the little stage. The beginning was “Every Fuckin Day” followed by “Why Don’t You…” after this song the drunk, flirting Walter Schneider made his first joke. To show the people of Heidelberg the quality of their music the first song “Every Fuckin Day” was the best. The songs “Why Don’t You…” and “The Way I Am” after them with “Goddamn Planet” another Alternative Track came to its live-honor. There Walter Schneider showed the facets of his voice, stretching from whispers to screams. The atmosphere of the music alone is enough to love these guys. Hail mighty Contracrash! I just have to tell every alternative fan just one thing: take a look at Contracrash! You will not be disappointed!

Setlist Contracrash:
Every fuckin day
Why don’t you…
The way I am
Dead fish motherfucker
Cause of you
Open our eyes
Goddamn planet
Where the wind

The rest of the pictures are shown in the gallery. Please follow the link above.

Markus Seibel

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