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KPYCK / Crib45

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Datum / Date3.4.2014 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Crib45_Kpyck14 
Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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A CD release party without the CD – somehow this situation seemed familiar, so Crib45 were not the only ones with bad luck … but this should be the only (for the band truly annoying) mishap on this evening...

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had quite a big audience for a Thursday evening, despite the early hour. And despite the fact that many had obviously come to see the headliner, the septet on stage received a lot of attention – there was a lot to see, more in the background, though. The percussion work of Jussi Saarelma for example, or when Sami Kurppa pulled out the saxophone. The intensity on stage captured everybody... during the calm parts it was so silent in the pit that you could even hear what people were talking outside at the bar. Summing it up, sound, lights, atmosphere, performance were a perfect fit. The program naturally focused on the new CD Borderlines (which should be arriving in the coming week, finally), in between they threw in an old pearl like Zahir. The a-capella finale of the show gave you gooseflesh... great band, and hopefully soon live on stage again!

Please note that bass player JaakkoYlä-Rautio uses just one string... More photos in the gallery, link in the top section!
Another great act continued the evening after a short changeover. What could go wrong with such a line-up of professionals, e.g. Ex-Sentenced Sami Lopakka on Lopashnikov guitar, those hypnotic beats, this energetic front man and this captivating Doom-ish sound? Kpyck had just released their new album Imya Na Stene which features e.g. Putin´s election speeches, which were introduced right in the beginning. As this politician has recently somewhat lost some plus points in the West, especially in Finland, the band could be labelled one of the most politically incorrect at the moment... As I don´t speak Russian and also don´t know the song material, it was not so much help that singer Erkki Seppänen talked mostly in Finnish and announced many of the songs … yet he told me afterwards,t hat pretty much all of the program was from the new album, except 2 songs from the second one – and the 2 encores they just had to play for the enthusiastic audience were from the debut album. What´s left to say about the show is Spassiba, and I´m looking forward to see u guys soon again, in May at the Babel tour!

Klaudia Weber

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