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Bloodhound Gang | Electric Eel Shock

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Web www.bloodhoundgang.com
Große Freiheit 36 
Datum / Date21 Nov 2005 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Bloodhound_Electric_Eel_HH2005 
Photos: Samira Alinto 

When the boys from Electric Eel Shock entered the stage the crowd was relatively calm. It’s the same old thing: the first support band has just left the stage and the people thirst for the main act; all the harder for the guys to warm up the crowd but you couldn’t notice anything of that kind with the Shockers.

With a strong self-confidence they stormed the stage and rocked out. No chance to elude from the sound, even the phlegmatic balustrade-sitters who, as is generally known, don’t think much of the natural urge to move in the wild, nodded in time.

Didn’t I read somewhere that the Japanese are known for their restraint and their sedate manner?? Negative! These boys are neither sedate nor restrained. Far from it: the Japanese threesome rocked the Freiheit in such a way that you could almost forget that they weren’t the actual main act.

The guys are extremely eclectic, musically and artistically. Punk rock is probably the adequate term but it was also worthwhile for the “metal heart”. The boys are just quite a party band and they don’t keep the title “Rock n roll monster from Japan” for nothing. With hits like “Suicide”, “Bastard”, “Iron Man” and “Scream For Me” there was nothing left to be desired. This mixture of metal, punk and entertainment galore convinced me and after the gig some were sure that they will watch them definitely the next time also as a solo gig.

After the club, heated up by the Asians, was on the brink of reaching the boiling point the crowd waited impatiently for the Bloodhound gang. Spontaneous chanting choirs of the crowd made the stage set up more endurable. When, after Aki’s announcement, the guys stormed the Freiheit a jerk went through the masses and 1500 Bloodhound followers screamed to the sound of the anarchos from Philadelphia.

When a hot surprise guest was announced and singer Jimmy Pop slobbered over his “German Lieblingsmädels” from Tokyo Hotel some baffled looks were exchanged: “He’s not going to call those fags on stage…” my neighbour shook his head horrified. “Oh shit, everything but these baby-viruses” moaned the man in front. Well, if the one who eventually came to the stage is a better alternative remains to be seen.

Hanseatic master of scream H.P. Baxxter climbed up the stage and gave the Bloodhound song “Uhn tiss” in a techno version. Even that was taken calmly and some actually celebrated the “Hyper Hyper” version. Besides all hits like “Along comes Mary”, “Chasey Lain” and “The Bad Touch” Jimmy dared the Depeche Mode classic “Enjoy the silence”.

With all due respect but the small one with the puppy look sang so incredibly off-key that even the die-hard fans got ear bleedings. Bassist and muscleman Evil Jared Hasselhoff thanked in a very special manner and stood on the drum platform, dropped his pants to bring band mate Jimmy a cooling shower of a particular kind. This didn’t bother him too much and so Jared happily kept on peeing. Thereupon the urge to stand in the first row was gone for most and you felt a lot safer with a bigger distance to the stage.

Those who thought that this was the climax of the distasteful rock slobs were, unfortunately, proven wrong. There’s always something worse: bassist Evil extensively enthused over culinary deliciousness that the Kiez had to offer. He had chown the whole range from fish rolls and pizza to kebab before the concert. To prove that the “nice guy” puked up everything.

The concert was accompanied by intermediate puke attacks but at least Evil managed it to spit into the bucket from time to time. The rowdy was responsible for the snot that missed the target; he also had to clean the piss … fucking job…

After the stomach of some people in the crowd had also turned over and a couple of Michael Jackson jokes had made the circuit the Bloodhounds bade their farewells and left a satisfied but also slightly disgusted crowd behind. But that’s how the guys are and those who know that, are also clever enough not to stand in the first row, at least not without a complete rain proof outfit…

Jasmin Froghy, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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