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Turmion Kätilöt / Pain

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Web www.turmionkatilot.com
Virgin Oil 
Datum / Date17.10.2012 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery PAIN_2012 
Photos: Marine Crepiat 

Last year, the industrial metal band Pain toured in Europe with Turmion Kätilöt as a support act. The two bands obviously hit it off, since they repeat the experience again in Finland this year for a mini tour of five shows "Kidneys To The limits", but this time Turmion Kätilöt is the headliner.

When I got in the Virgin Oil Co. venue, I was pretty surprised to see so many people in the pit. Usually, Finns rather stay in the back at the bar, and get closer to the stage when the shows starts. It seems that Pain was very much awaited tonight. Indeed, the venue was rather full considering the legendary band W.A.S.P. was also playing a show in Helsinki this night, just a few meters away.

It´s around 9pm lights are turned off, even more people gather in the front rows. Peter Tägtgren and his band mates hit the stage and are ready to play for a very exited and enthusiastic crowd.
It won´t take much time for the Swedes to convince the audience: from the very first song people get crazy and start headbanging furiously. Fans came numerously and they are very receptive to the show. I need to admit that the performance was good , very good.

Peter Tägtgren has a great charisma and it´s difficult not to stare at him and not to admire his skill. We have the feeling that it´s so easy and natural for him to perform so well...He doesn´t need to do much indeed, he manages to mesmerize the crowd thanks to his strong personality.
The show was a success also thanks to the whole band. Although they are a “backing band” ( Peter just cant´ play all the instruments himself...), every musician is still very much involved in the show. There is a real chemistry between the band members and they all seem to have fun playing together.

As for the stage setting, I´m quite disappointed there isn´t any. Pain usually puts big screens on stage, which make the show more visual. But they are not the headliner tonight and it won´t prevent the band from delivering an excellent show.

Pain didn´t take any risks regarding the set-list since the band played its most popular songs that always work great live. The hit songs “Same Old Song” and “Shut Your Mouth” were of course not left aside. “Dirty Women” almost turned the venue into a night club...Well the show was a big party both in the pit and on stage.

More band photos in the gallery, link in the header
The band knows how to make a great show : playing catchy and efficient songs performed by skilled and devoted musicians, the whole thing led by a charismatic frontman. It´s difficult to find any negative element about that show. If there is one, it´s not about the performance itself but rather about the length of the set. Pain played for barely one hour - pretty unfortunate because the fans would have liked the party to last a bit longer...

I´m surprised to see that many people leave the venue, as some new people suddenly get closer to the stage. It seems that both bands don´t have the same fan base . It´s true that Turmion Kätilöt doesn´t have much to do with Pain, despite the label “industrial metal” their music is given. Anyway, I´m curious to see that Finnish band live once again.
The two frontmen Rakaa Pee and Spellgoth literally make the show and don´t hesitate to communicate with the audience between the songs.
There is indeed a good interaction with the crowd and each song is the occasion for the Finns to get crazier. The fans enthusiastically headbang and shout when the most popular songs of the band are performed, like “Verta ja Lihaa” or “Grand Ball”. I haven´t seen many Turmion Kätilöt shows, but I guess their performance was a pretty regular one, a typical show of the band. The fans seem satisfied, even though I have the feeling that some of them were a bit disappointed.. No big surprise tonight with Turmion Kätilöt, a basic but still a good performance.

Marine, transl. K.Weber

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