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Poets of the Fall

Stadt / City Dortmund 
Land / Country GER 
Web www.poetsofthefall.com
Datum / Date22.11.2012 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery potfD_12 
Photos: Stefanie Oepen 

Like many others I had been hoping for a Poets of the Fall Germany tour for years, and like many others I had hoped it would be successful. I was not disappointed. All six concerts were great, but the evening in Dortmund was extraordinary. I have rarely seen Poets of the Fall so laid-back and so good. It was pure fun watching them and I cannot imagine anyone leaving unhappy after this concert.

Shortly after sales stat, the concert had to be moved from the small FZW Club into the bigger hall due to the huge demand. The fans came in droves, not only from Dortmund and the surrounding cities, but also from other countries. New fans as well as those who have been following the band for years of all ages between 15 and 60. The venue was already filled quite well before 8 p.m. and everyone was ready for the show.

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Not right on time, but in a great mood the six Finns walked on stage to the intro of “Running out of Time”. Marko greeted us saying “Welcome to the Temple of Thought” and they rocked the place. Almost from the first note it was clear that everything was right that night: the sound, the lights, the selection of songs and most of all the good mood on stage and in front.
At the latest with the second song “Diamonds 4 Tears” the audience was clapping along, prompted by bassist Jani and guitarist Jaska. There wasn´t much prompting needed, though. Each time I turned around I looked into happy and sometimes even awestruck faces. The band had much to offer and kept the audience under their spell. The played all kinds of songs from ballads like “Cradled in Love” or “The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper”, to which people could hold hands or each other, to rockers like “Locking up the Sun” or “Miss Impossible” that invited to jump, dance or even headbang.

More photos in the gallery, link in the header
Poets of the Fall showed their skills with every song. Here were guitars and keyboards forming beautiful layers of sound, there were groovy bass lines and pulsating drums that would get anyone to tap their feet along with the rhythm. On op of that Marko´s vocals always fit the song, sometimes softly, sometimes harsher, but always full of emotion and always hitting exactly the right note. The energy, good mood and of the band were palpable and it was clear how much they enjoyed playing. Time an time again they got in touch with the audience and made everyone feel like they were part of something big and magical.
They played songs from all of their albums, a good mixture of well known and lesser known ones. For tunes like “Stay” or “Dreaming wide awake” the audience sang along at the top of their lungs and listened almost devoutly to “Carnival of Rust” or the acoustic performance “Roses”. Great music aside, there were also lots of fun things going on that night: Keyboarder Captain jumping back and forth between drums and keyboards like a frog, Marko sneaking up on Olli to play his guitar, Jaska carrying Jani on his shoulders or Olli jumping up in the air, as if he could fly. All of this made up an unbelievable show.

More photos in the gallery, link in the header
The audience did not get much of a chance to take a break and relax. Even during the slower songs the Finns played powerfully and kept everyone on their toes. It does not happen frequently that one can watch musicians play an entire concert with such energy and full force. Not only are they skillful with their instruments, but they also form a unit, a well working team where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Anyone who is willing to join is invited to go on a journey with the Poets, to get carried along or swept away by the music and feel the songs with every fiber of the body. Anyone who likes to listen closely, can get lost in lyrics that rarely reveal their secrets right away, that form layers of meaning in which everyone can find their own interpretation. Poets of the Fall´s songs are emotional, they speak to the heart and the soul. However, things are far from deadly serious here. The guys have way too much fun on on stage, they want to entertain. They did it exceptionally well that night.

With their first single “Late Goodbye” and a several hundred voices background choir from the audience, the main set ends. It does not take long to call the Poets back to the stage. To everyone´s surprise, we saw drummer Jari at the keyboards, keyboarder Captain on guitar, singer Marko on drums and guitarist Olli at the mic giving it their best shot. To much laughter they changed instruments again. With the following band introduction the audience learned that real bassist can do it blindfolded and real drummers can do it with only one hand. After that they played the beginning of Michael Jackson´s “Billy Jean” including dance moves from Marko and a cover of Metallica´s “Enter Sandman” with made up lyrics before returning to the regular scheduled programming.

More photos in the gallery, link in the header
After about 100 minutes the show ended with “Lift”, where Poets of the Fall pulled out all stops and showed once more just how talented they are. In the end Marko told us to “take care of yourselves so you can take care of others”. With these words and the promise to return soon they indeed left us. The audience was still clapping enthusiastically, long after the guys had left the stage. When the lights went back on, some looked around a little dazed as if they´d just been woken from a dream.

No matter how far people traveled, those I talked to all agreed that the concert was worth the trip to Dortmund. And the ones who stayed a bit longer after the show even had the chance to meet the band, get autographs, pictures and in some cases even hugs. All in all a night to remember!

Stefanie Oepen

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