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OXMOX Bandcontest 2013

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Web www.oxmoxhh.de
Datum / Date7 September 2013 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Oxmox_Bandcontest_2013 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 

Every year... and now for the 28th time presented Hamburg´s city magazine OXMOX the Band Contest finalists with a bandwith of pop, rock, metal and hip hop. In a proven manner moderated by Gniechel (Gniechel´s World). The Top 10 out of hundreds of candidates entered the market hall opposite each other or with each other, but yes, it could only be one - or three the winner. Who would be chosen by jury and the audience on the first three places?

The bands in order of appearance:

Wooly Antshake
Wooly Antshake from Münster opened the evening and blew with their earthy, powerful stoner rock the sand from the floor. Not an easy task, because still the people enjoyed outside the summer air and the beer in the foyer and needed a clear message: the contest is open! Although it still looked quite empty at the beginning in front of the stage, the band celebrated professional and authentic in a style of Kyuss a fat kind of desert rock.

Wooly Antshake on Facebook

Orange Ate Kid
The hall was now well preheated, but O8K, who were founded in Hamburg in 2012, switched the energy and the pace up a gear, action was brought on stage and delivered a furious, complex hardcore/alternative rock. Varied songs, a very good singer and a lot of enthusiasm were rewarded by a first mosh pit. The band was also in the final of the Local Heroes Contest in Hamburg this year.

Orange Ate Kid - Website

Sonic Proof
After the levels were so heavily beaten up, the speed was a little taken back. The Hamburg Sonic Proof - with roots that reach back to the year 2001, when the two founding members played punk rock - made it clear that the first third of the night was dedicated to powerful rock`n´roll. They brought with them a decent fan base who celebrated “their” band from the first note on.

Sonic Proof on Facebook

Teresa Bergman
After so much oomph the rock track was broken by songwriter Teresa Bergman. Teresa is from New Zealand, has bought a one-way ticket to Berlin four years ago and since then captured in Berlin, first as a street musician, increasingly the stages. With impressive voice, charm and acoustic guitar, accompanied by bass and drums she presented a jazzy folk/pop mix.

Teresa Bergman - Website

Vermobs is since 2006 at the start, looks back on a lot of concerts at various clubs in Hamburg and has already released two albums. Stylistically fanned out between surf rock, reggae and acoustic singer-songwriter material they used instruments like ukulele and harmonica. Peppy relaxation rock with melodic passages was announced. Matthias Driesch nice voice satisfied quite a large audience, which, it seemed, was brought from fans of the band and also largely disappeared right after the gig back in the pleasant coolness in front of the market hall.

Vermobs - Website

Celine Love
All alone with her guitar as the bravest of the evening, only occasionally accompanied by a partner, the 17-year old Celine performed a solo gig - and with her powerful and outstanding voice. Clearly, the most contemplative and quietest part of the evening, not a colorful light-show illuminated the stage, which was dark, only with spot lights on the musician, so to speak, the visual and audible focus entirely concentrated on talent. This performance was so convincing that the young singer was chosen on the 3. Place of the contest.

Celine Love on YouTube

she`s an onion
Right: Such a lot of silence needed a change. With post-grunge and metal, the speakers were fueled again and the stage of she´s an onion - a band from the Hamburg area, which has recorded two albums already since 2007 and looks on some experience - shaken with commitment and energy.

she`s an onion - Website

Lax Diamond
But the winner is ... Hip Hop. Alex, the 19 year-old hamburger, offered his project Lax Diamond in the style of an American rap show, which aroused the audience and brought not only in front of the stage, but even on the stage, where a dancing crowd mingled with the musicians and celebrated a party. Reinforced by a second rapper Alex filled with his bandmates and a catchy hip hop the market hall. Because of so much fun this show was voted on the 1. Place.

Lax Diamond - Website

Bizarre Emotion
The visually most elaborated performance was served by the electro-pop formation Bizarre Emotion. Imagination, costumes, electric violin, dancers and tricky illumination associated with eroticism and a stylistic journey through pop of the 80s and 90s in the modern guise of modern club beats provided an opulent visual glamor that actually had something bizarre. However, the musical mixture could not quite keep up with the look and fell of rather average.

Bizarre Emotion - Website

Nordward Ho
After the glamor the atmosphere was down to earth, but with a wink not have less fun in the show: From Schleswig-Holstein, a team came wanted to proof that music is boundless - in this case under the motto "never too old to rock`n´roll." German witty lyrics, traditional rock between blues and reggae and a well-rehearsed, well-humored team - in age as "junior artists" just a bit late – was placed between the 17 year old Celine Love and the 19 year old rapper Alex on a lush 2. Place.

Nordward Ho - Website

Finally, and out of competition - the jury returned to backstage to evaluate the election results - there was still the appearance of the last year´s winner, the electronic pop trio Rabaukendisko from Grevesmühlen (near Wismar). The audience made themselves scarce and sorted after ten concerts their weary bones or took care for a beer refueling at the bars.

Rabaukendisko on Facebook

The award ceremony
The awards ceremony - as well as the band performances presented by Gniechel - all the bands had to appear on stage. The audience went back into the hall. "And the winner are" - well, we had already written it: 1. Lax Diamond, 2. Nordward Ho and 3. Celine Love, which was rewarded each with different prices.

But because it was a final, there were no losers, and the evening was a success for each of the bands. For the audience, it meant an exciting discovery tour through a fantastic evening with lots of different styles and of music talents.

And again, same procedure as every year: Thank you, Oxmox, for supporting the young music scene!

Much more photos in the gallery above!

Samira Alinto, Andreas Torneberg

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