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HIM | The Rasmus | Negative in Hannover

Stadt / City Hannover 
Land / Country Germany 
Web www.heartagram.com
AWD Arena Hannover 
Datum / Date14 Feb 2005  
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Negative_Rasmus_HIM_Hannover_2006 
Photos: Jasmin Froghy 

HIM live Hannover

The at the moment hottest Finns together on tour? When this got public in October 2005 one thing was clear: Suomi power will raise the roofs of German venues. Three of the at the moment hottest gothic rock bands are on a European tour since February now and account for one or the other hot flash with many girls. Also the boys couldn´t withdraw themselves from the bittersweet charm of the Finns like it became apparent already in the early afternoon in front of the AWD hall in Hannover.

Despite the frosty cold hundreds of fans stood closely in front of the doors of the sports hall and shivered together in the same rhythm. There wasn´t any rivalry noticeable that allegedly exits between The Rasmus and HIM fans; probably the temperatures were just too low to start heated discussions about Lauri and Ville – coldness solidarizes. But only until 7 pm.

When, on time, the doors were opened it got serious. Like flushed chickens (has the bird flu already broken out?) the masses stormed the hall. Friend lost on the way? Overran a neighbouring racer? What the hell! The main goal was to be in the first row and within the shortest amount of time the fans pushed closely-packed to the barrier. When you – like us – were lucky enough to watch this spectacle from inside you have to mention that the walls literally shook when the pack rolled in.


Negative kicked off on time and offered in about 30 minutes one of the best rock shows of an up-and-coming band that was possible. More intensive, rock-y and professional would have been unearthly. It all started already with the cool intro „Pulp Fiction“ and the brilliant light show. Rock at its finest! Vibrating guitars, heavy bass and just 100% dedication.

Singer Jonne, in nice make up and glamyly dressed, had the crowd under control from the first note on and caused with his naked chest a few deep sighs and scream attacks in the crowd and so it didn´t take long until the first girls had to be pulled out. Jonne couldn´t deny himself from smiling when seeing this hysteria and he apparently felt comfortable. To prove that, his mic moved at some point lasciviously into his pants…

Songs from there second output “Sweet & Deceitful” were, of course, an essential part of the setlist and because of that single hits like “Frozen To Lose It All” or “ The Moment Of Our Love” were celebrated most. But also the cover song “My, My, Hey, Hey (Out Of The Blue)” by Neil Young wasn´t left out. A successful and above all optically brilliant show! These guys just got it!

The Rasmus

Short break to rearrange the stage – light, banner, drums etc. But also The Rasmus started on time. When Lauri stormed the stage my ears almost fell off – that´s how loud the screams were but this is what the tiny Finn´s already gotten used to and thus he bounced, to the anger of the photographers, like a power ball over the stage.

From time to time I wasn´t sure if maybe he had taken something because he seemed like he couldn´t stand still for one minute. Thank God he calmed down a bit with time because slowly you got a headache from watching him running back and forth.

Awesome riffs, driving parts and just a rock-y, tight and emotional show even though the crow-man had performed more convincingly before; his voice came across a bit weak and boring this night. Of course the setlist didn´t lack their big hits like “Sail Away”, “Guilty”, “Falling”, “No Fear” and “In The Shadows” and thus the crowd was driven to absolute hoarseness after one hour of Ylönen power.


Time for the headliner: After a longer break for the stage rearrangment the Suomi leaders of the evening eventually took to the stage with a 10 minute delay.

When the lights went off the hall turned into a baroque temple. Huge chandeliers and red wafts of mist made the stage resemble a crypt-like temple and when the princes of the graves entered their territory frenetic screaming prevailed. When Ville Valo leisurely stepped to the mic there was high risk of hearing loss.

A rascally grin, a short “Hello” and HIM kicked off with the opener “Wings Of A Butterfly” and rocked the hall. From that point on one hit was followed by another and already after the first songs „Right Here In My Arms“, „Soul On Fire“, „Join Me“ I asked myself why all the good wad was already shot at the beginning but I couldn´t be more wrong. The setlist that the Northmen put together for that evening was a great selection from all so far published albums and even rarely played songs like „It´s All Tears“, „Razorblade Kiss“ or „Loose You Tonight“ found their way into the mic.

Ville convinced with his good mood, integrated the crowd perfectly, showed off his knowledge of German and seemed to enjoy the show himself. The fans were happy to see the singer with his woollen hat, embroidered velvet jacket and deer shirt up close again and gave him many, happy “I love you” shouts. He must have missed that…

The only downside was once again the tech who Mister Valo oftentimes rebuked with harsh hand movements but they didn´t quite seem to understand his commands...

Altogether a successful evening, very multi-faceted performances and the certainty that the Finns just know how to do it!

Jasmin Froghy, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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