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School Fair: Elenium / Hellcity Punks / Grazymama Helsinki
Two days long in a tent in the center of Helsinki all sorts of vocational schools – also for adults - presented themselves in a kind of fair. Certainly also the Metal industry was present, even in the musical program, featuring a wide range of styles, e.g. African Drumming with Kai Hall and Jerome Leudet, Electronic Music with DJ ... more/mehr


Screamfest 2007 Oslo
The first and from now on annual festival of the Norwegian Scream Magazine did not take half measures, but placed 20 Bands from hard rock to Heavy Metal from Norway, Sweden and Switzerland on a small festival in our hands.

On both days the Screamfest, took place in "Betong", a location where the well-known ... more/mehr


Sibafest 2010: Apocalyptica Helsinki
Unusual festival, unusual locations and even more unusual concerts: the 3rd Sibafest – the bi-annual festival of the world-wide renown Sibelius Music Academy Helsinki, had indeed a lot to offer from Jan 29-Feb 6, 2010. Out-of-the-ordinary locations were e.g. the synagoge or Uspenski cathedral, and a section of those 30 concerts ... more/mehr


Simerock 2007 Napapiiri, Rovaniemi
At the end of the world, at the Arctic circle, the Simerock Open Air took place for the third time, three days and four stages presenting big and small stars from Finland. Those three Open Air stages met the Rockersī desires whereas Lapin Kulta Club Tent offered mainly Techno, House or Hip Hop.

Friday, July 6 2007 ... more/mehr


SimeRock 2009 Rovaniemi
When you are near the Arctic Circle and happen to encounter hundreds of sea gulls and thousands of people in a field, you might have discovered Simerock Festival. The most Northern of Finnish festivals, where the summer sun never sets, where elks and reindeer roam, in the beautiful city of Rovaniemi. And itīs already the 7th time ... more/mehr



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