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Helldone 2009: HIM & guests

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Web www.myspace.com/helldone
Datum / Date29.12.2009 

This year Helldone-Festival, featuring the traditional New Year HIM-show at Tavastia Club Helsinki, offered a huge program, as Mr. Valo & Co appear 4 times, daily from Dec 28.-31.- which is probably just enough to fulfil the demand. Top performers were hired for support, e.g. Vincent and Danny Cavanagh plus Dave Wesling (Anathema Acoustic), the bands Fireal, Ghost Brigade, Vanity Beach, Major Label, and The 69 Eyes with an extremely rare acoustic set. STALKER attended the show on Dec 29.

Ghost Brigade
from Jyväskylä enchanted a still growing audience with their melancholic powerful and catchy tunes, mainly from their recent album “Isolation Songs”, e.g. “Into The Black Light” or “Secrets of the Earth”, announced as “Secrets of BEER”?? Well, it sounded like that... The man at the microphone, Manne Ikonen, manages evil growls as well as clean vocals – which remind somehow of Eddie Vedder. Their mix of Doom, Melodic Metal, Grunge and Prog found some new fans this evening, as even high up on the balcony people were cheering to their 1-h-set that ended with “A Storm Inside”. Cool gig!

More about the band in our STALKER Interview

The 69 Eyes – Acoustic Show
The club was filling to it´s limit, the smaller Semifinal downstairs was already filled beyond it. NO wonder, The 69 Eyes played a rare acoustic Best-Of set, including e.g.. “Gothic Girl”, “Brandon Lee”, “Never Say Die”, “Dead Girls are Easy” from their new album Back In Blood, and also as a special surprise the classic “Wasting The Dawn”.

Only the ladie´s room offered some space to breathe freely – how absurd! - and listen in peace, and only on the monitors upstairs you could actually SEE the band...

When the stars of this evening entered the stage, with some minutes delay, you felt a certain longing for the ladie´s room once again. Anywhere else it was packed-as-packed-can. HIM – now featuring a new letter-logo on their merchandise – opened with Buried Alive By Love what turned out to be a well-balanced Best-Of trip through their long band history. Their new album is still in the making... Ville, once gain short-haired, showed a rather casual look this time (something that looked like Joggers???) and a real good mood, a sovereign front man of a tight and active band. He did not talk much, as if they tried to put as many songs as possible into their appr. 2 h set...

That set featured e.g. Right Here In My Arms, Wings Of A Butterfly, Kiss Of Dawn, Join Me, Killing Loneliness, Funeral Of Hearts, Wicked Game (lotsa sing-alongs) Your Sweet 666, Poison Girl (even more sing-alongs) and Sacrament Of Love as the final song, yet the audience managed to get them back on stage once more. “When Love And Death Embrace” was a slightly surprising choice for an encore, which wrapped up the second day of Helldone 2009...

Klaudia Weber (+ photos)

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