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POWER OF METAL TOUR 2011: Symphony X / Nevermore / Psychotic Waltz/ Mercenary / Thaurorod

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country CH 
Web www.z-7.ch
Datum / Date06.03.2011 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie POM_Gal 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 

The Power of Metal Tour luckily also visits Switzerland and club Z7, what joy when you live nearby. There is no way that I miss this one, especially because of Symphony X who had played their last gig here so many years ago. The club is not sold out tonight, but pretty full.

The Finns Thaurorod have played with Sabaton at Z7 just recently and could convince many people with their old line-up. Tonight they present two new members at the keyboard and at the microphone. The gentleman with this Power Metal voice introduced himself as King Julien (a Lemur from Madagaskar), he is Michelle Luppi, the former Vision Divine singer. Some who are familiar with this animal cannot help grinning. Thaurorod present a flawless show, and the audience clearly appreciates it. Thaurorod are one of the best newcomers in this genre and I think we will be seeing them more often.

I was really curious what had become of Mercenary, since Mikkel, Mike and Morten had parted ways. The band is consisting only of four band members now and I knew that I had to expect some tougher sounds – but THAT tough? Especially the new songs make me long for those melodies that are typical for Mercenary. Yet you have to admit that the Danes renewed themselves and took a new direction with the new album after the departure of the other band members. René still has to practise wo that his vocals sound flawless also live, but otherwise I am sure that Mercenary will succeed.

Psychotic Waltz
I heard that many could hardly believe their eyes when they saw Psychotic Waltz taking part in the Power of Metal Tour. After 14 years of absence the US Americans are back. But their music seems to be stuck in 1988, pure Junkie Progressiv Metal that can only be understood when you had smoked some Joints, too. Sorry not my cup of tea! But itīs remarkable that Brain McAlpin is on this tour even though heīs confined to a wheelchair. Thatīs really cool!

have returned 2010 after a 5 year hiatus with a new album, about which opinions were divided. Some thought it was great, others found it the worst album of this band so far.
I do like the band, although their last 2 shows I have seen were not quite convincing, and also this one does not do the trick. Warrel Daneīs voice cannot be heard sometimes, and he staggers on stage, clearly showing that he had some better days. And he is not looking healthy. Otherwise the Nevermore gig is Ok, but I have seen them in better shape.

Symphony X
Itīs a long time since I have seen Symphony X live on stage, probably too long, because I had the opinion that Russell Allen was one of the best singers in the scene. But what I hear this evening is not exceptional. He hit all the tones, but the sound of the voice is far from what you hear on the album. Perhaps the reason is the sound system, but Symphony X cannot quite convince me throughout the show. Musically OK, vocally OK but not quite what I expected.

Summary: The bands of that eventing were not bad, however – sad but true - Thaurorod dwarfed all the other bands, and it seems that my opinion was shared by others.

Sandy Mahrer

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