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MyGrain Tourtagebuch / Tour Diary - One for Sorrow Tour 2011

Stadt / City Europe 
Land / Country Europe 
Web www.mygrain1.com
Datum / Date14.11.2011 + ongoing 

Finnish "Space Metallers" MyGrain agreed to keep us posted about their life on the road, namely the ongoing tour with Insomnium and Before The Dawn (they might just be about to visit your town - check out STALKER tour dates).
And quite literally - thanks to social media and advanced cellphone technology we can deliver information in (almost) "real time" - which means: this diary will be regularly updated! So check it out! But now let´s have the band take over:

Heello! Everything´s going great so far! There was a slight problem with tour diary, when we were supposed to write it...the net didn´t work properly. But here now, the first days! (Yonas)
Btw., the lineup is a bit different from normal this time: Eve and Mr.Downhill don´t take part in the tour due to personal reasons. Luckily we have great replacements: Laura Dziadulewicz (Medeia) on keyboards and Joni Lahdenkauppi on guitar. This is just a temporary solution and the following gigs will be with the normal lineup.

MyGrain tour line up: Laura (key), Yonas (bass), Tommi (vox), DJ Locomotive (dr), Resistor + Joni (git)

Hattu Kourassa Tour 2011

14.11.2011 | Rotterdam @ Baroeg (Netherlands)

1st day
After travelling with airplanes, cars, submarines and helicopters,
we finally arrived to the promised land of spacecakes, windmills
and puukengat (= wood clogs). We arrived to the venue Baroeg in Rotterdam.
Our showtime was 7.30 pm and we were happily surprised that there were so
many people attending our show, although it was monday. The gig was a blast, thank
you people! Klompen we love you!

Rotterdam show photos (© Sabine van Gameren) here!

After the gig it was a booze time at the bus -
the road jack...
-Tommmy the toothpaste face

Is he just typing this diary?? the ed.

15.11.2011 | London @ Underworld (United Kingdom)
2nd day
London calling! After the nice travelling in the bus we finally
arrived to UK early in the morning. After the tasty breakfast in
a local McDonalds it was time to start load up stuff to the famous
club Underworld. What can we say... the crowd TOTALLY blew our minds
away! It was so nice to see many people rocking with us. THANK YOU
big time! After the gig it was time to enjoy the great shows
both Before The Dawn and Insomnium. Great evening it was and lots of laughter!
-Resistor the axe man

16.11.2011 | Antwerpen @ Trix (Belgium)
3rd day
Belgium, the land of chokolate. We just arrived to the venue Trix in Antwerpen,
a nice looking place. Its waiting time, warming up with hot coffee and cold beers...
to get rid of the shaking hands... More reporting later to come! Stay tuned you people!
-Tommy and Resistor

17.11.2011 | Aarau @ Kiff (CH)
Day 4
Whoah, yesterday it was Antwerpen, Belgium - lot of people watching
the decent show! We had fun, and hopefully the crowd as well. After multiple
litres of sweating on the stage, we headed to the bus and started the travel
party....there was this local wine called Penasol, which was very nice - except
it sounds like a mixture of pain killers called Panadol and the stuff that you
clean the car windows with, called Lasol (also used as a substitute for alcohol
among Finnish drunks). Very suspicious, yet tasty (and the reason for todays

A note to every human being out there: never pass out on
a tour bus before anyone else, if you want to avoid text marker drawn -man
Oh but what about the land of cheese and cuckoo clocks: we
already nailed the show in Aarau and it surely was awesome, despite the
hangoverish spice in the air, after the very wet wet wet bus party! There were
again a nice bunch of people in front rows headbanging and singing along - great
success! The next destination would be....Ljubljana, Slovenia!

Yagshamas, is this cheese?
- Toothpaste face and axe man

18.11.2011 | Ljubljana @ Gala Hala (Slovenia)
Day 5
We arrived to the venue Gala Hala, the surroundings were nice and old looking, graffitis and stuff everywhere, but the stage was smallest this far. This friday was special one because our tour keyboardist Laura had her birthday, and we surprised her during the set, on the stage by giving her a birthday cake and singing the birthday wishes with the audience. A great show again and people were amazing! The night ended to the sickest party ever, which took place in a gay bar/disco, next to the venue.....some weird stuff happened on the dance floor.....but it was nice!

19.11.2011 | Wien @ Arena (Austria)
Day 6.
Today´s venue was Arena, which was sold out! Probably the hottest stage ever....everyone sweated like pigs, but it didn´t matter. The crowd was great again. It was also very nice to see some familiar faces and have a couple of beers with them as well - greetings to our Hungarian friends, and thanks for the whiskey, dudes!

20.11.2011 | Prague@ Exit Chmelnice (CZ)
Day 7.
First we arrived to a spa in Prague, couple of hours of floating in a jacuzzi, healing the hangovers, again. After that we headed to the venue and had the load in. We also took a little sightseeing on our own, in the centre of Prague. Very nice views, a slow sunday feeling with beautiful landscapes. Now we´re waiting for the soundcheck to start, and off we go and play our set again. Yagshamash, friends!
-reporters, Resistor and Tommy


Day 8.
Now it was at last time for Germany, oh ja! We entered the venue called Feierwerk in München. Very nice venue with good back stage facilities, beds for resting and stuff....nice! The first show was just, brilliant. The crowd was amazing, singing along and moshing all the time. Whole week of Germany to go, hey ho!
A clip of München Gig here

Day 9.
Now it was time for Würzburg - a little sightseeing in the town before the gig, and a shopping spot for some alcoholic wellness-products. This time the stage was pretty big, and the hall as well. Think we managed well in warming up the people for One For Sorrow. And, veerry nice and drunken afterparties as well.....goddamn. What is it with German beer? There was again some really big dance moves in local bar, some unknown drunken injuries as well. Whoah, the rum, maaaan.

Day 10.
Wiesbaden. There´s a slight hangoverish spice in the german air, but we´re doing ok, and getting it up again with Beck´s! We are sooooo ready to kick your arses off this night!!!! Be prepared!
- Rommi-Tommi & Resinahka

Day 11.
After heavy drinking party again in the bus, we arrived to Leipzig. I (Tommy) woke up when the load in started, and immediately started to vomit all over the bushes outside the bus, while other we´re carrying the stuff inside venue. I managed to carry some smaller stuff after the beautiful puking sessions....a result of countless beers and barely any sleep, it´s a nice! The gig was great, except the terrible headache while moshing on the stage. Felt like my brain was in a washing machine or something...
After the gig we had an epic food hunting journey and took a taxi to the nearest Burger King, for some King XXL meals! Manly food indeed.

- Wiesbaden, Soundcheck -
Day 12.
After previous day´s hangoverish epicness and manly foods, we woke up in Hamburg! This time the venue was lot bigger and the stage as well, a nice looking place: Markthalle Marx. After load in and pulling our selves together it was time for a surprise video interview and soundcheck. Just before the gig we met our German street team, and some of our biggest fans Tim and Alex, who actually attended all the last three shows of the tour, and gave us a welcome present which included some German beer and stuff. The gig was definitely one of the best on the tour this far, a great response from the crowd!
Thanks Hamburg, it was party time again!

Day 13.
Previous night....man...it sure was a party on the bus, but we finally arrived safely in Essen. The venue was legendary Turock. It felt like the gig just started from all the sudden: just after half an hour we ate our stomaches full, it was time to rock the house! Amazing thing was that the gig was sold out, and the crowd was crazy!! This gig was also one of the best gigs of the tour, definitely! Because of the second to the last gig and saturday, we had a hell of a party on the venue: loads of free drinks in a heavy disco and some niiice dance moves!

Day 14.
Worn out dudes and dudette in Berlin. Despite the tiredness there sure was a scent of waiting in the air, the wait for the last show of the tour. When we arrived to the venue, we discovered that the stage was so much smaller than the previous ones, but good enough to guarantee a good show with lots of dangerous moments and collisions on the stage while playing. When the show started, the place was already packed, venue named Comet showed its power and hotness; ultimate sweatyness and dehydration...the event was again sold out and the crowd was amazing! This was really a good way to end the tour - thank you Berliners!!
...some chilling out after the gigs and some packing, some party action and then the desperate homecoming trip with the slight sadness of getting back to reality...the daily work and routines.

In all, this sure was an amazing trip for MyGrain, thank you Europe! See you again on the road folks!

-Tommy & MyGrain posse
Our first ever tour abroad is now over and what can we say? It was a mindblowing trip! We want to thank Avocado Booking for giving us the opportunity to take part in the "One for Sorrow" tour, and above all Insomnium, Before the Dawn and all the crew and people involved with this madness. Last but not least: a big thank you to all the people who attended the shows and checked the bands out! You rule, big time!

More about the band in our STALKER interview

text + photos: MyGrain

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