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Alpen Flair 2012

Stadt / City Natz 
Land / Country ITA (Südtirol) 
Web www.alpen-flair.com
Datum / Date22.-24.6.2012 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie AlpenFlair12 
Photos: Guido Wegener 

„Alpen Flair“ is the name of a FREE festival up in the 1000 mountain range, offering a wild mix in the line-up from Disco to Metal: Volxrocks, Bad Jokers, Die Dorfrocker, Jürgen Drews, The Baseballs , Loud , Stahlzeit ...and of course local heroes Frei.Wild !!!! For children they offered some entertainment, too, there was a market and merchandise stands, camping nearby the area. The Frei.Wild band truck was accessible for visitors throughout the whole event.

More photos in the gallery, link in the header

The surprise gig was „Wilde Flammen“, but more about that later...
It started on Friday evening with Volxrocks, who cheered up those appr. 5000 visitors with a wide range of music styles, mixing traditional folk music with Rock and dance sounds. Not to forget those evergreens, ballads and Rock ballads – something for pretty much any taste.
The Teenieband Dorfrocker continued who managed to drive the local girls crazy, presenting the song „Vogelbeerbaum“ and their latest EM hit „Schwarz Rot Gold „ which was demanded by the audience even twice. But also „Schwarzwaldmarie“ inspired a polonaise, so the grass field of this Ex- Nato area got flattened a bit... such feedback naturally sweetens the 5year anniversary of this band in the end of July.

More photos in the gallery, link in the header
A public viewing of the soccer game took place on a huge LED wall, and people cheered the German team. One fan threw his cup – which unfortunately landed on the mixing table. You might think that such a huge thing, very expensive, can take some liquid. Wrong. While Jürgen Drews entered the stage, the crew desperately tried to fix the problem with hair dryers – without success. Not so bad for Drews, as he uses a lot of playback … well, sorry, but this has to be pointed out.
Despite the technicians´ efforts, the festival evening was close to an early end, and it also started to rain. There was a long delay, and promoter Philipp had to announce that the schedule has to be changed. Together with musician Gonzo (ex-BÖHSE ONKELZ), Philipp rocked the stage, improvising „Mexico“ just via monitor sound system.
And then the surprise of this evening, Wilde Flamme performed the charity song „1000 Meilen, 1000 Worte“, featuring FREI.WILD and many guests, e.g. Gonzo , Alexx (EISBRECHER), Delroy Rennalls (MR. PRESIDENT), Norbert Rier (KASTELRUTHER SPATZEN), Christian Dejaco (4TWENTY), Pat (Fiddlers Green), Nord (Hämatom). The full amount of sales of this single were donated to SOS Kinderdorf, right next day at the festival. Speaking for STALKER.cd, I can just pay my respect to all people who were involved.
The first night ended in the Alpine caves, where various Djs entertained the audience until the early morning.

More photos in the gallery, link in the header
Saturday began with good news – there would be a new mixing table, coming from Karlsruhe in early evening, to save the festival. It would have been too bad to disappoint those 8.500 people who were expected on this day, and many of them had travelled far. Therefore to all who solved the problem so quickly: Chapeau !!!!!!
Loud cheered up the crowd with AC/DC Cover songs, at 30 degrees celcius, and yes, everybody, even Peter, was rocking to the sound. Finally the band thanked their fans by firing thousands of 1dollar notes into the air – unfortunately not real ones, but a nice souvenir.

After that Bad Jokers celebrated their 20th anniversary with an energetic gig which contained all their hits, from „Bastard“ & „Wölfe“ album and also the new CD „ Alte Rituale“.

More photos in the gallery, link in the header
Then it was time to loosen the hips when the Baseballs entered the stage, and you could swing to „Umbrella“ or „Black or White“ with this beautiful evening sky as a backdrop. „Ai Se Eu Te Pego“ was not played, „UNFORTUNATELY.“ Yeah.
But now the festival highlight Frei.Wild which was welcomed loudly by a 8.500 – 9.000 crowd. The band started with a fiery bang – literally: „Hoch hinaus“ was the opener of a powerful gig, and even „Circle Pits“ formed in the audience: „Danke für all die ganzen Jahre“ - and another pyro show. „Weiter immer weiter“ - and not only those bikers who drove 600km from Halle /Saale to the show were honoured on stage, also the band received awards, from their label Rookies And Kings. They sold double gold in Germany, more than 100.000 „Gegengift“albums and 25.000 DVDs „Händemeer“. Congratulations, a well deserved award.

More photos in the gallery, link in the header
„Die Welt brennt“ featured once again a powerful sound, but the goose flesh was soon flattened out by those huge flame throwers, the sunset delivered a fantastic natural light show to „ Halt deine Schnauze „ & „Sieger stehen da auf“, the finale of a great show.
Major Peter Gasser thanked the people to keep a peaceful event, which got into its endspurt when the sky darkened.

More photos in the gallery, link in the header
Stahlzeit were the last act of the day, a Rammstein Tribute band which authentically started with „Sonne“ and in the manner of their idols. It became clear right away why this band has such a good reputation, they almost literally burned down the area, so that Frei.Wild´s pyro show seemed like child play. This band can indeed represent Rammstein authentically in every respect, supported by a great sound and a blind understanding between highly professional musicians on stage.
Besides „Pussy“, „Haifisch“ and „Mein Land“ they put all the classics into the program, which were welcomed by the crowd. A treat indeed, not only those show effects but also the set list with „Keine Lust“ and „Du Hast“, so nothing was left to be desired.

Mehr Fotos in der Galerie, Link oben
The Sunday program resembled a traditional „Volksfest“, starting with church service, then Frühschoppen (lunch), Alp horn music and folk dance with Terenter Schuplättler group. A hearty meal and cold malt brew kept about 1000 guests entertained in the area of 1000 mountain tops. Even Frei.Wild band members could be spotted thanking their fans, before their journey back to Hessen, Germany (greetings, Taelly, and let´s meet in Dortmund ) . Süd-Tirol, Italy ….see you next year!

A nice festival that convinced in every aspect. Great location, moderate prices at the stands and a great line up – and all for FREE. I have to mention the pyros again. Therefore, no excuse to miss such spectacle, so go and see the mountain tops burn next year!

Guido Wegener, transl. K.Weber

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