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Metal Mania 2007: Disbelief | Morgana Lefay | Sacred Steel | Serenity | Mastic Scum | Sole Method | Lionhead

Stadt / City Villach 
Land / Country AUT 
Web www.carinthian-metal-maniacs.at.vu
Volkshaus Landskron 
Datum / Date30. 03. 2007  
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie Metalmania_2007 
Photos: regurge.at 

A rainy Friday provided the frame for Metal Mania in Villach, Austria, with bands like Morgana Lefay, Disbelief and Sacred Steel. Unfortunately I was a bit late and was amazed that hardly any people were at the venue. I had not missed anything because the show did not start punctually. Right after six the first sound emerged from the almost empty hall which I entered immediately, and I was the only one to walk to the front, for photoshooting.

The first band named Sole Method I have seen already a few weeks ago at the same place. Those four guys play modern Thrash Metal which sounds too modern to me, and it does stress the voice of the singer way too much. Unfortunately most people did not see the first band because they had something better to do...

Shortly after that Serenity, the tour support of Morgana Lefay, entered stage. The Austrians, who are now with the Napalm Records, offered melodic Metal and a good show, exclusively for the two enthusiastic reporters in front of the stage. Still the number of fans was countable, and the sound quality had not improved. It seemed the band also had technical problems, they had to stop after only four songs, also because the concert was behind schedule. I cannot understand why a band like Serenity was forced to play that early, first they were tour support and would have deserved 45 minutes, secondly they were much better than the local support band. Had someone unintentionally mixed up names on the running order?

The third band this evening, Mastic Scum from Vienna, normally play very good Death Metal with a groove, but this was messed up again by the bad sound. Perhaps this was caused by this quite big hall and such a small amount of people in it.

A short break, and the first headliner entered stage, the Power Metal band Sacred Steel and they had no easy show, they played in front of just a few Metalheads. But they had one dedicated fan in front of stage who danced and sang along every single song.

The local act Lionhead which makes me think of this chocolate bar, was the first band with backdrop. They performed Thrash Metal and attracted a few headbangers, but nothing special. But suddenly more people entered the hall, perhaps partly because Lionhead stopped playing and partly because Morgana Lefay were next.

They say that Morgana Lefay was an excellent live act, and they proved their reputation, offering the best show of that evening. And they had most people in front of the stage, who obviously enjoyed the heavy riffs of those five Swedes. And the band gladly fulfilled wishes for encores.

Luckily people stayed in front of stage for the last band Disbelief were as good as Lefay but still did not manage to take the audience over like the previous band. However, they did not have to play in an empty hall.

Summary: An average Metal night with good musicians but bad sound, and definitely not enough people.

Christian Girstmair

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