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Anzi Destruction: Inspiration in the Forest

Anzi Destruction is a young musician from Finland, who, with his former band Stereo Junks, had a lot of bad luck career-wise. Many line-up changes and hard times made him finally decide to become a solo artist again. Now, he released his first full-length record titled High Clash Motherf***er! We talked with the talented rocker at Trash Fest Helsinki about him going solo.

Itīs been two years since the last interview with STALKER, how have you been?
Iīve been fine. I broke up with one band, the Stereo Junks, about one year ago. Then I started Salvation and I was writing material for them and in the free time, I made my solo record. Which is ready now.

I think you release it next week right?
Yeah, on Monday! (04.04.2011)

There have been difficult times with the Stereo Junks but two years ago you said in the interview that you think that the bad karma is gone and the Stereo Junks will have a great future, what changed?
I donīt say anything anymore! (laughs)

Why did you break up with the band?
Well, it was complicated for a long time. It didnīt feel good anymore, so it was better to let it go and do something else.

So it is like that that you want to draw a line under the Stereo Junks and that youīre not coming back?
This record is the underlining for the Stereo Junks, they are gone! There are many songs that we already played with Stereo Junks but we never released them.

So you used the songs, which you didnīt use with Stereo Junks for your solo record?
Yeah, yes!

How do you feel about having your first solo album "High Clash Motherf***er" out on Monday?
I feel really good because those are the songs that have been in my life for the past three or four years and now I get rid of them and I get to share those songs with the fans. It feels really good! And I can concentrate on doing the next album.

You already released some solo stuff back in 2001, why did it take 10 years for you to have another try?
Cause I had Stereo Junks. I had my solo band for like one year after those solo EPs, I recorded a whole album back then but I released it as two EPs. And then somehow I felt like we need a band and I formed Stereo Junks. So Stereo Junks started from my solo stuff and it ended in my solo stuff (laughs) Now I am really sure about that, that I am doing the right thing. Because you know, I should do it solo... itīs seems that it has to be like that.

How was the record made? I read you recorded it in the middle of a forest?
Yeah, I found a beautiful house, itīs a lodge house. A really old house. And the acoustics are really good. And I build a simple studio there.

Have you done everything on your own?
Well, there are some drummers, Elias from Private Line, he is doing four or five songs. And then Mr. Kunt from V for Violence. He also played in Stereo Junks and The Salvation, he is also playing drums. And then there is Sohei from Stereo Junks playing a couple of tracks on bass and a couple of tracks it is Spit from Private Line whoīs playing the bass. And then I am doing most of the guitars, there is also Charlie, who has also been with Stereo Junks. I mixed the album myself.

You are very talented!
Oh, thank you! (laughs) I didnīt plan it, to mix it myself but I had a lot of time when I was not doing Salvation, so slowly I was searching for the sounds and all of a sudden I noticed that: “Hey, this is the sound that I want!” This is really good so why not leave it that way.

What inspired you for the lyrics? Is the break up with the Stereo Junks a subject?
Yeah, most of the lyrics I did during the Stereo Junks. So it is like this, that one era of my life is in this package. There is a lot of frustration in the lyrics and passion for different things, things breaking up and somehow it is really about depression and stuff like that. Which I donīt have anymore but back in the days... it feels really good to sing about those things afterwards. This is really like a relief after the Stereo Junks.

As you have mentioned, you have another new band called The Salvation, can you tell us a little bit about this band?
Well, actually the band is sleeping right now because Sohei is in Japan. He had to go back there and then I have my solo stuff and Jack has Private Line. So we do it when we feel like doing it.

But I heard that you do already have plans for a record with The Salvation?
Yeah, we did a pre-production. I wrote like 10 songs and Jack did a couple of songs. I also wrote with Christus [former guitarist of Finnish band Negative]. We made the songs but we will see what the future brings but nothing is planned. I canīt promise anything.

How about Sohei, is he doing alright? You must be worried about him after the latest happenings in Japan?
Yeah, Sohei is doing alright! We were deadly worried. He is living in Tokio, so itīs further away from the nuclear plant but still there is the tabwater spoiled or something. But he is ok.

Good to hear that! So, what do you prefer more being a solo artist or playing in a band?
They are very different. Now I feel like a solo artist. It is good to be a solo aritist but itīs also good to have a band. But when you have a bad band you donīt like it. It really depends on the situation. But right now it is solo! And in the future when I feel like putting a band together I am gonna do that. IF..I find the right guys! The chemistry is really important with bands because there are many different characters and many opinions. It is not as easy as being a solo artist.

Can you give some advice to newcomer bands, what is important?
Well, first thing is that everybody has to love the music and not everything around it! It is really common that they love the lifestyle and they have some kind of expectations that this must be like this or that.

You have also a cover song on your solo album,” Electric “ by Leila K. Why did you choose this song?
I chose it long, long, long time ago. Probably over ten years ago. Because I always wanted to do a cover from this song. And a couple of times I have said to my band mates: “Letīs do this dong!” But it has not been the right time. But now it was and I love the song.

What are the plans for the near future?
Well, yeah, there are plans for tours in the end of the summer or fall for England and stuff like that but no tours right now. Just a few random gigs. There are always plans but ...yeah, you know! We will see if it happens or not. But now I constantly write new stuff after I get the release next Monday I already start to record the new stuff.

Yeah! I have really good inspiration right now in my life for writing songs so I really need to use it. And my head is so full of music so…I already have demo tracks for the next album for about 13 Songs.

So we donīt have to worry that we donīt hear from you anymore?
You will definitely hear from me but I canīt promise when. Mixing and recording takes a lot of time. When you do it in a good way.

Ok then, thanks for your time and the interview and all the best!
Thank you, it was a pleasure!

Author: Sandy Mahrer, photos: band
Date: 2011-04-28

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