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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!

Mastodon The Workhorse Chronicles
This is now the first official DVD of the band, including a lot of live-, video- and behind the Scenes-material. The quality of certain tracks could have been better, though. Yet this DVD had been compiled for the fans and not for the critic. So get one or two sixpacks, chips and Hamburgers and rock on with your friends, watch and ... more/mehr


Metal Church Dynamo Classic Concerts 1991
Escapi Music has bought the rights of all those legendary Dynamo Festival recordings and intends to publish them piece by piece. The beginning is the DVD of Metal Church from the year 1991 when they were headliner.

The fact that Metal Church had been at the zenith of their career at that time, after albums like their legendary ... more/mehr


Morgoth Cursed To Live (DVD+2CD)
MORGOTH have gained their reputation as German Death Metal legends for a reason - and even in their early years, with their EPs "Resurrection Absurd" and "The Eternal Fall", they managed to convince me - although I have never been a big DM fan... Already back then their shows were a must-see, and off-stage they even turned out to ... more/mehr


Mortiis Soul In A Hole – Live in London
Iīve felt for some time that Mortiisī troll mask doesnīt fit his music as his style now a days is mostly related to the likes of NIN. Therefore I was happy to see the new promotional pictures whit the band where the mask has come off! I, for one, hope this is the new look.

But on this Soul In A Hole live DVD, recorded at ... more/mehr


MxPx B-Movie
Well, with a sales price of only 10 euros for a DVD/CD double pack it´s hard to grumble, isn´t it? The DVD offers about 45 minutes of video material which was put together from 3 shows. Thereof, 5 songs are included in this documentary. The rest consists of interview- and backstage footage. To present a band who is around ... more/mehr



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