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Satyricon – He who compares us with Cradle Of Filth or Dimmu Borgir did not understand us
Satyricon were and are speakers of Black Metal, they are meter, judge, grailkeeper and Enfant Terrible of the whole scene. Scandals, masterpiedes and daring works plastered and still plaster their way. Drummer Frost told us his strong opinions about professional and tour life , Metallica, their non-competitors Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and so on. >> more/mehr

Saxon: Stalking Doug Scaratt
For decades Saxon belong to the top of the NWOBHM-movement. After their less successful nineties the Brits recovered their strengths and please us with potent albums and even more potent live-shows, which are little shorter than 150 minutes. At Wacken Open Air we were squeezing guitarist Doug Scaratt about himself, his musical drives and his future. >> more/mehr

Scar Symmetry - Speedy Swedes
Sometimes it happens so fast. Whereas other bands, after releasing a successful debut album, retreat into their rehearsal rooms to create new songs, and while months and years pass by, other bands manage to produce a follow up in very short time that keeps the standard or reaches even further. The Swedes Scar Symmetry didn´t hesitate to have “Pitch Black Progress” following their debut “Symmetric In Design” after only one year; an album which is bigger, more melodious and even better. Guitarist Per Nilsson confirms our impression. >> more/mehr

Schandmaul: Dreamers, dancers and family
The German band Schandmaul has been releasing excellent albums for 14 years. Although their work is not really noticed in the mainstream public, they were nominated for the ``Echo`` (German Music Award) in 2009. Still no reason for the band to put less effort into their new release ``Traumtänzer`` (literally: “dream-dancer”, meaning “head in the clouds”), which actually reached position no 4 in the German charts. So it was really high time to stalk them, in this case drummer Stefan Brunner! >> more/mehr

Scream Silence: A reflection of your soul
For about 10 years those dark poets have been entertaining us with sinister sounds and are a fundamental part of the Gothic scene. Now the guys from Berlin present their sixth album “Aphelia”, doubtlessly the peak of their musical output and the best way to settle at the top of melancholic Dark Rock. STALKER talked with mastermind Hardy Fieting and guitarist Robert Klausch. >> more/mehr


Axemaster: Overture for more to come
One of those bands with a long history: Axemaster was formed in 1985, rocking the scene with classic >> more/mehr
Fresh Act July / August
When living in Finland, it is difficult to ignore the simple fact that this country is the world´s number >> more/mehr
Tuska Open Air 2015
Just when it seemed certain that the summer of 2015 was a hopeless case, along came Tuska and brought the good weather with ... more/mehr 2015-07-07
CD: Powerwolf
Two years after their no 1 hit album “Preachers of the Night” (at least in Germany), Powerwolf release their new album “Blessed ... more/mehr 2015-08-03
CD: Big Wreck
The band has been around since 1990 and the album, which was released in the US and Canada already in 2014, now makes its ... more/mehr 2015-07-13
CD: Biters
These guys, hailing from Atlanta, release, with „Electric Blood“, their debut album, full of finest Punk´n´Roll. Even though ... more/mehr 2015-07-10
CD: Wilson
Just this spring, I saw WILSON live, for the first time, when they were on the road, supporting Halestorm. I really enjoyed ... more/mehr 2015-07-01
CD: Donald Cumming
„Out Calls Only“ is the debut album of Donald Cumming, ex-The Virgins singer, at least regarding his solo career. On his ... more/mehr 2015-07-01
CONCERT: Faith No More
The comeback of the legendary crossover band Faith No More was one of the remarkable recent news on music heaven. ... more/mehr 2015-06-24
CONCERT: Apocalyptica
When my trip upstate started, all I knew was that it was going to be a long day. By the time I made it to the place, I walked ... more/mehr 2015-05-22
CONCERT: Dirge / Crib45
An unusually early start for this gig, too, yet for everybody handling a regular day job this is quite convenient. Not least ... more/mehr 2015-05-10
CONCERT: The Poodles / Pretty Wild
This evening is dedicated to Sweden – the „Devil in the Details“ Tour 2015 under blue and yellow flag also stops in Pratteln, ... more/mehr 2015-05-02
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